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The best way to win a girl's heart is to show interest in her, and to treat her well. Find things that you have in common and engage her in conversation.ÊEventually, she will grow to like you as person and will not mind any appearance of being nerdy.

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Make a sentence with a word snobbish?

the boy very snobbish because he rich and have a big house

How do you use the word snobbish in a sentence?

Snobbish people are not usually well liked. She was very snobbish, acting like she is better than everyone else.

Is Minecraft nerdy?

NO its just very addictive for some

Is it nerdy to try and see what state they show on the state quarters?

No actually it is very common. I would. I do not think it's nerdy it's cool! :)

How does Pip describe Estella in Great Expectations?

Pip describes Estella as very beautiful, despite her prideful and snobbish behavior towards him.

What is the definition of dweeb?

a dweeb is an unpopular person who is nerdy or childish and is somewhat unnattractive...a gekk or a very square person.someone very antisocial.

If you are a nerd in 6th grade how do you ask out a girl-She isn't nerdy?

Prove urself not to be nerdy and try to stand out against the crowd then ask her to the dance if she says no then at the dance dress very nicely and take off those glasses and whatever else u have that destructs ur apperance and ask her to dance she wont even know its u then ask her out

How does Estella change throughout the book Great Expectations?

Estella is a snobbish selfish girl who has been taught to mock and hate men. She was adopted by Miss Havisham and was always very rude to Pip. But at the end of the novel, she talks nicely with Pip and is remorseful for how she has acted!

Is disco nerdy?

It depends on the person and their tastes, we are all very different so our taste in music can be different. If you want an opinion answer then well... yes .. it is nerdy .. well i wouldn't call it nerdy more like old fashioned. Usually our parents would be the people who listened to that type of music and some people might think their parents are not cool so it would make the music that also. SO YES it is "nerdy".

Why do college athletes hate nerdy people?

that's not very nice but ask your mum if you want to know

What does nose in the air mean?

Picture someone holding their nose up in the air - they look very aloof and snobbish, right? That's what this idiom means.

How much a fly can fly?

how smart are you if you asked this not very much IQ level is 0 ha you nerdy geek

What does it mean to ride high in the saddle?

Riding high in the saddle means to feel very good. It can occasionally mean feeling somewhat snobbish or egotistical also.

Why protons and electrons do not attract?

no electrons not attract protons because the spin of electrons is very fast around the nucleus

Do peony plants attract bees?

Peony are very sweet and attract bees but are better known for attracting ants.

How do you attract guys?

If you're a guy, you don't. Girls use sacks of steak.From the lighter side: There was this one girl that was mysteriously VERY attractive to me. She was using worcestershire sauce for perfume!

How do you attract a slim boy by a fat girl?

Be yourself!!! every boy is looking for something different but chances are if you let your innerself shine he will be attracted to you....confidence is a very strong aphrodisiac.

How do you know when to kiss a girl?

you should kiss a girl when she laugh a bit at you or see you romanticly and after a month that she likes you then you invite her to a romantic place like a resturaunt(where she likes) then you kiss her goodbye.(it is very important to attract her by doing well in the place that she is and be handsome)

What are a couple of character traits for rowley from diary of a wimpy kid?

These are Rowley's traits, Funny, weird, nerdy, disgusting, and very friendly!

Is it wrong to be nerdy in college and university and work?

Many students in college work. It does not make you nerdy. In fact, the experience you gain and the skills you learn could be very valuable for the future. There are all kinds of students in college with plenty of nerds mixed in. Students like the diversity.

Protons and neutrons strongly attract when they?

very close together

How to attract a guy?

There are quite a few ways to attract the right guy. You could try being very nice and doing things for them.

Who is the creator of adobe illustrator CS3?

Jake Wilson a very highly nerdy famous person in australia he origins form perth wa

What is the American comedy that has been on UK tv recently with four American guys who are a boit nerdy but very intelligent?

"The Big Bang Theory"

How do you make a girl love me?

First off you have to connect with the girl on every level, but not to much because opposites do attract, First impressions are very important. but after a long while love should come naturally, it really depends on the person but everyone has a soul mate =]

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