How can you attract swans to your pond?

Well, first of all some ponds are just not suitable for swans. The first major thing that matters is where you live. Black swans live in Australia. So if you live in Australia just read what is below about attracting swans. Black necked swans live in south America. So do the Coscoroba swans. Mute swans live in most areas in the world. Trumpeter swans range from Canada to parts of North America. Tundra swans mostly live in Siberia. Whooper swans live in Europe and Asia. Some swans like tall grass. Others like shallow ponds, some like deep ponds. Most of all they do not like to be disturbed by humans. So, If you would like to attract swans to your pond, the best advice i can give you is to grow some tall grass. That is the most doable way to attract swans!