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Answered 2009-01-15 11:55:18 Go to this address and read it through, then audition if you want. Good Luck!

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Who will play Jane from the Volturi in Twilight?

It is said that Dakota Fanning will be playing Jane from the Volturi in New moon (the sequel to Twilight).

Who will play in the new moon volturi?

Dakota Fanning will play Jane, but the Volturi themselves have probably not been casted yet, there is no infromation.

Who is currently rumoured to play Jane in Twilight New Moon?

Dakota Fanning played Jane in New Moon. Fanning reprised her role, as well as the other Volturi members, in Eclipse.

Who will Dakota Fanning play in New Moon?

Jane volturi. a young teen vampire who has the ability to cause the illusion of pain. She is a member of the Volturi clan who are the basic government for vampires.

What role does Dakota Fanning play in New Moon?

she's going to play a vampire named Jane. Her Character Jane is a part of the Volturi Guard. Dakotas Character has a very special talent!

Does Dakota Fanning play a charoctorin the movie new moon?

Yes, she does. Dakota Fanning plays Jane. The vampire Bella and Alice encounter her in the Volturi.

Who is Jane volturi?

Jane volturi can shock people, like kate denali; Dakota Fanning will play Jane in new moon. CrapBox; WRONG!!! Jane is a member of the volturi, a guard to be exact. Her power is that she can trick the mind into thinking that they are in pain, just by looking at them. Her power was formed when she was burned at stake (in ancient times) because they thought she and her brother (Alec) were witches. The pain is described to feel like burning inside your body.

Who is alec in newmoon?

Canadian actor Cameron Bright will play Alec in New Moon. Alec is a member of the dreaded Volturi and twin brother of Jane, who is played by Dakota Fanning.

Is Michael sheen in new moon?

Yes Michael Sheen is in New Moon. He play Aro, a vampire who is one of the Elders of the Volturi. The Volturi being like a vampire royal family

Who will play the Volturi in New Moon?

There are numerous speculations as to who will play what part. But the only thing close to being true is that Dakota Fanning has been offered the role of Jane. Jamie Cambell-Bower will be playing the part of Caius.

Who will be playing Jane in New Moon?

Dakota Fanning is going to play Jane in New Moon.

Who is going to play Jane in New Moon?

Dakota Fanning is supposed to play Jane in New Moon No, it's EMMA WARD.

In the movie New Moon did Dakota Fanning play Jane by actress?

Yes. Dakota Fanning did play Jane in New Moon.

Who is going to play Marcus from the Volturi in New Moon?

Um... Yeah Christopher Heyerdahl is playing Marcus in New Moon

Are the cast members going to be the same in new moon?

Yes, it has been confirmed that Kristen Stewart and the others will return. and dokota fanning will play Jane in the volturi and Madonna is interested.But Solomon Trimble is not going to reprice as Sam Uley.

Who will play the head of the Voltory in New Moon?

1. The movie producers and director haven't even begun casting for New Moon.2. It is spelled "Volturi."

Who are the actors that play the Volturi in the New Moon movie?

Jane: Dakota Fanning=Aro: Micheal Sheen==Caius: Jamie Campbell Bower==Marcus: Christopher Heyerdahl==Alec: Cameron Bright==Demetri: Daniel Cudmore==Heidi: Noot Seear=

Who will play Alec from the Volturi in new moon?

Both Elijah Wood and Lucas Grabeel are said to be being considered for the role of Alec.

Who is going to play jade in new moon?

it is Jane and that would be Dakota fanning

Who did Dakota Fanning play in new moon?

Dakota Fanning plays the character Jane in New Moon and the Twilight movies.

What is the homophone for audition?

to audition is to act out a part for a play. but to audition is to also act out a play. i don't know if i am right but i hope i helped

Who will play the Volturi?

Michael sheen will play aro, jamie Campbell-bower will play caius, christopher heyerdahl will play Marcus, charlie bewley will play demetri, Daniel cudmore will play Felix, noot seear will play heidi, Dakota fanning will play Jane, and Cameron bright will play alec

Who will play the volturi wives in Breaking Dawn?

The Volturi Wives are not in Breaking Dawn or Breaking Dawn Part 2

Who is going to play Alec Volturi?

Cameron Bright.

Why do the vulturi play Scrabble in Twilight?

Its Volturi!! They don't!