How can you be friends with lots of boys?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Talk to them! Shy girls get less attention than ugly ones!

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Q: How can you be friends with lots of boys?
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How do you tell your best friends boyfriend you like him?

You don't. If she really is your best friend, you should value that above boys. Good friends are hard to find and there are and will be lots of boys.

How do you make friends with boys if you're a girl?

well.... because girls like boys lots of course because I like boys very much so ya its probably because girls like boys lots and they always want to hang out with boys because boys are awesome & cute looking and they're smart very very smart that's why girls make good friends with boys.

Is it normal for most of my friends to be girls if I am a boy?

That is not very unusual. A lot of boys have lots of female friends. If most of them are girls, that is fine. As you said "most" then you have some male friends too, so that is good. It is not something to be very worried about. Lots of boys want to have more female friends, so some would even envy you.

What do boys want?

Boys just want girls to act like themsevles when there around them. I know from real life because I have lots and I mean LOTS! of guy friends so just act like you usually act around your girlfriends.

What do you do if a girl talk to a lot of boys?

She has friends that are boys.

How do you get lots of boys to like me?

be a sket.......

How do you get lots of friends on MySpace?

You can get lots of friends by adding layout people, bands, artists or just random people off of your friends

Should boys be tan or fair to get friends who are tan?

No one not even boys, should have to change who they are to have friends.

When was Friends - The Beach Boys album - created?

Friends - The Beach Boys album - was created in 1968-02.

Who is the fittest boys or girls?

boys because they do lots of sports on the weekend and school

Who are Caitlin beadles friends?

There are lots and lots of friends, but her bestfriends are Payton and Ashley and Olivia and Jasmine and Ariel!