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How can you be pretty?

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Follow these steps on how to look pretty!

1) Don't wear too much make-up otherwise it will just look really cakey! Try wearing a bit of concealer, or tinted moisturizer, brown or black mascara (invest in a good one not just a rubbish one!) and lipbalm/lipgloss, and if you want to try wearing a bit of blusher get one that suits your skin tone, otherwise it will look too bright!

2) Be fashionable! Fashion is very big! Even if you can't afford expensive clothes they are lots of shops out there you can try like: Primark, H&M, New Look... Also try and save up for one expensive item from say: Hollister, Abercrombie&Fitch, Chanel, Prada, Guess, Cath Kidston etc. Cos it will make a big impact!

3) Be hygienic! Shower EVERYDAY! Wash your face twice a day, Wear deodorant, Shave or use hair removal cream if you re allowed, and pluck your eyebrows into a nice shape... but don't go too thin!

4) Have a nice haircut, go to the hairdresser and have a good haircut, try layers, side fringes (bangs), bobs, and even different partings! It does make a difference! Also have your haircut every 2 months.

5) Remember being pretty is not just about the outside it's also on the inside, be nice and friendly to people. Otherwise if your horrible no one will like you!

Hope this helps! xxxxx <3

But your bueatiful! So don't worry! xxxxx
let your inner radiance shine out. laugh whenever you see fit. let the glorious glow deep inside you show. I understand that the cliche' saying "beauty is only skin deep," is bitterly unsatifying to those who feel so utterly ugly. the words, "everyon is beautiful," used to make me so angry. because the tumblr boys and girls saying im beautiful have never SEEN me. they've never crawled in my skin and walked around as me; they've never felt my feelings or thought my thoughts. they don't get what it's like to feel ashamed and horrified by their appearences; to break down crying infront of a mirror; to want to throw up after every meal to maintain a not-so-skinny weight to begin with. but then I realized. these people are so purely and truly happy. they don't seek for others approval. and that makes them 10 times more beautiful than any make up product or plastic surgeon. a beautiful soul improves even the most flawless face.

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