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How can you be sure that the 4 Gospels were truly written by St Matthew St Mark St Luke and St John?


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December 14, 2017 8:14PM

As with any other historical document, various methods of "criticism" - here not referring to any insult or bias against the document - are used to determine the origins of each Gospel. The related link "Synoptic Problem" to the left provides some detail about this in relationship to the Gospels. These books are anonymous. They do not purport to have been written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Their titles do not affirm it. They simply imply that they are "according" to the supposed teachings of these Evangelists. As Renan says, "They merely signify that these were the traditions proceeding from each of these Apostles, and claiming their authority." Concerning their authorship the Rev. Dr. Hooykaas says: "They appeared anonymously. The titles placed above them in our Bibles owe their origin to a later ecclesiastical tradition which deserves no confidence whatever"