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Odd question why not try to improve on the sex so you dont have to fake it. Moaning comes naturally when the sex is good, hot and boundless. See what the two of you can do together to help the moaning. Get a book or try new things.

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When was Moaner van Heerden born?

Moaner van Heerden was born in 1951.

What do you call to a person who will not stop complaining?

WhinerSour pussDownerBuzzkillComplainerMoaner

What rhymes with Velona?

donor loner Mona (If you will accept names) moaner krona coma (half rhyme)

What is past participal of 'become'?

The past participle of "become" is also "become" as in "I have become a better person."

Why did Michelangelo dicide to Become an artist?

Because when was working for Julius the 2nd he become better and better at art.

What is the past participle of become?

The past participle of become is also have or has become. She has become a better person.

How do you become a fast typer besides practice?

There isn't an answer because you need to practice to become a better typer .I had to practice to become a better typer myself.

What is a purpose of a author in writing?

the purpose of writing is that you will become a better writer the purpose of writing is that you will become a better writer

How do you become the best singer in the world?

To become the best singer in the world, you have to practice.Every time you practice, you will get better and better!!

Could Minecraft become better?

Every Minecraft update makes Minecraft better. So, yes. Minecraft will always become better all the time.

What rhymes with loner?

Bonerboner and stoner-------------------------Boner, Doner, Moner (Moaner?), Owner, Powner (P-OH-n-ur), Toner, Zoner

Can a dentist become better during his or her career?

Yes. If a dentist likes his job and continually studies to make his or her treatements better, he or she will definatly become better being a dentist.

How do I become good at computer games?

If you keep practing you get better and better

How can you become better in phonology?


How do you become better in gymnastics?


How do you become better looking?


How can you become a better chess player?

To become a better chess player you must constantly play chess against people who are better than you. You must also learn from your mistakes.

How do you become a ballerina when your a klutz?

You should practice balance and posture to become better.

Why do Hindus want to become 1 with Brahman?

They want to become 1 with Brahman so that when they die they will be reincarnated into a better body and have a better life.

How to be come a better singer?

To become a better singer you have to be passionate and do a lot of practice

How do you beet your clones in stardust accelerater?

You have to become better than yourself. you have to know yourself and become better than u were yesterday better than u were a few minutes ago BETTER than u were when you finish reading this.

What to do to become a better reader?

Practice. That worked for me.

How can you become a better figure skater?


How can you become a better athlete?

determination, drive

Can Pakistan become a better country?


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