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How can you become a celebrity?

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You can actually become a celebrity.... for example take Justin Bieber .... he posted videos on you tube of his performances... for his family and friends that couldn't come to all of his performances and one day Scooter Braun saw some of his videos and he thought that Justin was very talented.. so he met with Justin and afterwards Justin signed a contract with Scooter regarding Justin to a record deal. Justin then met Usher( popular song:Yeah) and Justin then sang for Usher and afterwards Usher helped Justin develop the knowledge of being famous and being such a successful artist!Anyway you could also audition for certain choirs,bands,performances,dances etc.

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How do you get a date with a celebrity?

You become a Celebrity.

How do you make a celebrity in stardoll?

i think if you are a celebrity stardoll has to ask you to become a member, but if your not a celebrity and you just want your stardoll to be a celebrity you cant

What are the ways to become a celebrity?

The best way to become a celebrity is to first figure out what is it that you want to do. maybe you want to become a dancer, a singer, or an actor or actress.

How do you become a celebrity on woozworld?

ther is no way u could become a celebrity unless u are a singer or actor in real world.

When did Hannah Montana become a celebrity?

when she was six

What are the release dates for How to Become an Internet Celebrity - 2007?

How to Become an Internet Celebrity - 2007 was released on: USA: 7 November 2007 (internet)

How can you become friends with a celebrity?

i don't to u know how.....

Can an Indian become a celebrity singer in the US?


What actors and actresses appeared in How to Become an Internet Celebrity - 2007?

The cast of How to Become an Internet Celebrity - 2007 includes: Asa Taccone as himself Chester Tam as himself

How do you become asa butterfield's girlfriend?

As he is a celebrity, this is highly impossible.

How do become a Disney celebrity?

take photos of your self naked in the mirror

How do you make a celebrity your friend on Facebook how do you become a fan even?

ya and no

How did J.K. Rowling become a celebrity?

she wrote books and series

How can you become a celebrity hair stylist?

You can become a celebrity hair stylist by being good at your craft. You can then contact the agents or agencies that work with celebrities and offer your services. Usually it is who you know that helps you get this type of job.

How do you become a celebrity on stardoll?

You can't. Not unless you are a real celebrity. Some celebrites are offered it. Or some have a fahsion range there. And then they are given the username and password.

How do you get cerleberty phone number?

Celebrity phone numbers are not publicly listed. The only way to get one is to become friends with a celebrity or through illegal measures.

Who owns celebrity cruises?

Celebrity Cruises was originally founded by the Chandris Group in 1988. It has since become a subsidiary of Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.

How can you become famous to be friends with the Jonas brothers?

why would you have to be famous to be friends with a celebrity?

How did Willow Smith become a celebrity?

Her dad is famous and in turn made her famous.

How do you become a celebrity on Club Penguin?

You make videos, have cool and/or clothes, and/or have a blog!

How do you become a celebrity on Sims 3 Pets?

get sims 3 night life

What makes a person a star?

We are all stars, though some people believe that we have to become famous, or become a celebrity to be a star.

How do you become a successful groupie?

Is there such a thing? First define what you want to do. Are you trying to get the attention of a celebrity? Are you trying to collect former possessions of a celebrity? If your version of "groupie" is to just be a fan of a celebrity, just declare that you're a fan and you're successful.

How can a 11 year old become a celebrity?

by having talent belife and connections with celebrities

How did Jessica Alba become a celebrity?

through her acting in 1994 in the film 'camp nowhere'