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use Nero

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Q: How can you burn a DVD that will play on both players like the movie rentals?
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What do acids and bases have in common?

they can both kill you and burn you

How many calories do soccer players burn?

in a competitive soccer game you can burn about 1200 calories in one game!

Why the movie which works in your computer doesnt work in CD player and which format is good to work it on CD player?

Some car CD players are finicky. I aways burn them as MP3's all your newer CD players will play MP3"s

How does an individual burn a movie to a dvd disc?

There are many ways one can burn a movie onto a DVD disc. One can burn a movie onto a DVD disc by using a popular computer program such as DVD Studio Pro.

What is the funniest movie of 2008?

Harold kumar escape from guantanimo bay and burn after reading.............. both classics and voted by 100% of scientists at NASA

What is burn after reading the movie rated?

Burn After Reading (2008) is rated R.

How many calories do basketball players burn in 30 minutes?


Why is Cyberlink Power Producer 3 seeing my 2.6 gig .vob movie as an over 6 gig movie when I go to actually burn it on a 4.7gig DVD disc?

Because when you burn a DVD to be playable on DVD players, it has to burn it into a playable format and then put misc. things on the disk to play it. Also, I think CyberLink converts the file into a Windows readable file (expanding it to .mov) and then trying to compress it, but it can't.

How do you get a movie out of an Imac?

Burn it to a DVD.

How do you burn a movie to a ipod?

you don't burn a movie on to an ipod you download it from itunes store just like games and music and family guy

How do you burn a QuickTime movie to a blank DVD?

As you all know, a QuickTime movie's format is always MOV or MPG. So if you want to burn a AuickTime movie to DVD, what you need is just a DVD burner software which supports both MOV and MPG. Here is a pretty nice DVD burner which works well for me, it can convert and burn MOV, MPG, and many other format movies to DVD with high speed and great output quality.

Why do they wet astro turf?

Apparently it is to prevent 'carpet burn' when the players slide...

How can you burn AVI movie files in a DVD to watch in your DVD player?

Use a Video to DVD Burner to convert and burn movie files to DVDs.

How do you watch a movie on a usbkey to an xbox360?

You cant. If the movie is on your computer, burn the movie to a DVD-R and you will be able to play it on your Xbox 360. Recommended software to burn movies to DVD - Sothink movie maker

Does the wood burn or the vapors?

Both. Heated wood gives off gasses that burn. Charcoal (carbon) will also burn.

How can you burn a CD from a windows live movie maker?

click on the little disk in the top corner that says burn and then u can burn it

How can you run two Windows DVD Maker programs at once and have one movie go to one DVD drive and a different movie burn to another drive?

Open Window DVD Maker twice, first rip both movies from the original, insert recordable DVD start burn in one, and watch in the other.

What is the term for a burn involving both the epidermis and the upper layers of the dermis?

Second degree burn

What kind of burn will cause both an entry and exit wounds?

Any sort of electrical burn.

Will acids and bases both burn skin?


What features is common to both acids and bases?

They both have the ability to burn skin.

How to write a movie in DVD it should comprise of titles and name of the movie?

You need a DVD burner to burn the movie to DVD, the titles and name are certainly comprised. Here is a nice DVD burner which helped me to burn movies and videos to DVD successfully. Click the link to see more details about how to burn movie to DVD.

Can both low beam headlights burn out?

Any light can burn out, no matter how unlikely it may be that both low beam lights cease working simultaneously.

Why do volleyball players wear knee socks?

Volleyball players wear knee socks to avoid floor burn. Especially if you're a libero or dive a lot.

What kind of burn will cause both an entry and exit wound?

An electrical burn can cause both entry and exit wound, as the current enters and leaves the body. You must find both to treat the victim.

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