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inside the steering column trims there is a chip reader that is located around the ignition barrel , remove the wiring clip and then join pins 6 and 7 together with a bridging piece (small length of wire will do) and hey presto .........things arent allways as complicated as they seem

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โˆ™ 2007-03-01 18:31:13
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Q: How can you bypass the immobilizer on a 97 Astra?
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97 laguna will not start. AA man said get the code and bypass the immobilizer. how do you do that?

You'll have to contact the dealer.

How do you bypass the immobilizer on a p reg corsa?

i lost my corsa light 97 model keys and i want to disconect a mobilizer,how can i do that?

How can you bypass your car immobilizer?


How do you turn off immobilizer on Renault clio?

Hi how I can bypass or cut of immobilizer for renalt clio 1998 1.2 8v 59hp imobilaizers is in main block ecu

How do you bypass or disable the immobilizer on vauxhall corsa b?

how to diconnect immobilizer in corsa 1996

How do you bypass a Toyota Corolla immobilizer?

You cannot bypass the immobilizer. There is a reason for that. You will have to contact Toyota and have proof of ownership of the vehicle first then they will have you bring the car in for services.

How do you Bypass vy commodore immobiliser?

The immobilizer on a VT Commodore must be bypassed before you can tow it. To bypass the immobilizer, remove the body control module.

How do you bypass the immobilizer of 1999 Golf 1.6?

The short answer is - you don't!! wouldn't be much of an immobilizer if it were easy to bypass. You need to either fix the fault which is causing the problem, OR send the engine ECU off to a specialist who can reprogram it to disable the immobilizer

How do you remove the immobilizer from Honda Civic from 97 import?

how do i deactivate the immobilizer from my honda civic 2006

How do you bypass a citroen zx immobilizer?

i think you need to burn it out:)

How to over ride engine immobilizer on holden astra?

There would be no point in the car maker fitting an immobilizer that could be easily over-ridden.

How do you bypass a immobilisers no a s reg escort diesel van?

my 1998 ford fiesta lx zetec wont start againt fuel pump not working or is it the immobilizer how can i tell?..and can i bypass the immobilizer

Can you bypass a 406 2.1TD immobilizer?

Yes you can bypass the immobilizer by keying in your current PIN followed by "C1C" on the keypad. This will allow you to start the car after unlocking with immobilizer and you only have 1 minute to start the car. To revert back to manual entry, just key in "C0C".

How do you bypass immobilizer in a Mitsubishi Triton 08?

how to set sensor immobilier

How do you bypass immobilizer on Mercedes 190e 2.6?

Sadly, there is no method that can be used to bypass immobilizer on Mercedes 190e 2.6. The key needs to transmit the correct information to the DAS module before the engine starts.

Can you bypass immobilizer on a Vauxhall movano?

can you byepass a imobilizer on a 2002 vauxhall movano

How can remove immobilizer system on rav4 l?

The only way to bypass the immobilizer system on the Rav 4 is to have a master key. If there is no master key in you possession you will have to replace the whole immobilizer system at considerable cost.

How do you reset the immobilizer system in a 97 golf?

The electronic immobilizer can be reprogrammed. If you need more information on reprogramming the immobilizer please email You can send in the Ecu and cluster to be reprogrammed.

Hot to fit a master cindiner to a astra?

how wud i fit a master cindiner to a 97 astra

How can the immobilizer on a 96 astra be bypassed?

requires tech2 from obd prob only gonna be a vaux tech who can do it

How do you bypass the immobilizer on a 2002 Skoda octavia 1.9 tdi?

The immobilizer is a security mechanism mounted in the vehicle. So you won't be able to bypass it. All you can do is have it checked in an authorized service. can bypass the ecu to start without immobiliser, pls send your ecu , we will reprogramme it and send it to you - - Chennai - India - +919841436436

How do you bypass a saxo vts immobilizer?

buy an unlocked ecu this will dirvert any immoblizer probs

Does a 97 caravan have an immobilizer?

Sentry key system, no. Theft alarm, possibly.

How do you bypass the immobilizer on Renault laguna 1995?

I also need to bypass the immobilizer on my Laguna. The central lock button on my 1996 Renault laguna doesn't work (open locks) and also the immobilizer light mounted on it is off. Nevertheless, there is power to the button. This led me to believe that there are no signals to or from the control box. Can anyone tell me where the central control box is located?

How do you bypass a 91 commodore immobilizer?

check for key lock left hand front door jamb

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How do you bypass the immobilizer on a p reg corsa?

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