How can you call the house you are in using the house phone?


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You can't. If you dial the number to the house phone from that same phone you will get a busy signal.


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There are many ways that one could call someone from inside the house. This includes, but is not limited to, using a cellular device to initiate a call and using a home phone line to dial a call.

You don't have to be in your house call anyone and their are numerous other features that you can't do with a home phone.

Your phone call should be free if it is a local call to a house phone. Ultimately it depends on your calling plan and where your calling to. The home phone line you call should not be charged for receiving a call.

because they do not know you house phone noumber

if you are in your house just use you're house phone and call your phone or use a friends phone or whatever

By knowing my phone number. Then by using a phone to call me.

that you can text your friends when ever you want. you can call with using your house phone, payphone, ask someone to borrow the cell phone that they have! isnt it obviious?? duhh! it is!

Then you may have a moral dilemma. Your options range from minding your fences to intervention; a phone call.

Typically a "house phone" (such as in the lobby of a hotel) can only call extensions within the same company or building.

Click on your cell phone or the house phone and click 'Call Services'.

Have a phone by you and call a pizza place using your phone

get out of the house as fast as you can and then go to your neighbors house and ask to call 911 on there phone if your not good friends with them don't go into there house if you alone and call your parent AFTER you call 911.

Yes. It takes money to call anyone. The money must be used to buy a cellphone or to use a pay phone. If you're using the house phone, you must make sure to pay your bills.

To unlock the option to upgrade your house you must buy the Table first. Then call Gotz during his open hours using the phone in your house. You will be able to hire him to upgrade your house.

If you're asking if you can call a house phone in different house from your house, then yes, you can. You simply dial the number, then wait for it to ring and someone to answer it, or for their answering machine to pick up. But if you are asking if you can call a house phone from the same house you are in, then you can only do it if there is more than one handset to the phones, and if it has an intercom function. If so, then you hit the intercom button then press the handset number you want to call. Although I believe this function only works with cordless phones.

Turn all the lights of in your house so that it is dark. Then call your phone from every room in the house and look for a light.

That depends on which carrier and what phone you are using.

Call your phone company and report it. Then get your number changed.

You can call any phone from another phone. You can make a call to another phone as long as you have time on the phone.

Dial *82 before you start your call. It works even if you're using a phone card.

911 for help in an emergency call a friend if it is not an emergency

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