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You can't set a banner for the LG Neon.

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There is no way to change the banner on the LG VU. When I first got my VU I tired for days to change it and itimposable. AT&T is the permanent banner. Sorry

I've looked and have read the owners manual and there is not a banner nor a way to change the banner.

how do you get the greeting banner off of a lg rumor plus

You could get the LG Neon at Walmart.

The lg xenon phone does have a banner. you go to display settings, then press banner.

Yes an Lg neon have Internet

The LG Neon is for boys and girls.

yes. gt365 is just the the official name for the phone but most people call it the neon because it comes in neon colors and lg decided to rename it the neon. there is no such thing as the lg tribal. p.s. it comes in neon blue neon pink neon green and gray.

LG Neon (from review at the at&t site)

The LG Neon comes in green and blue only.

Evo is better than a LG neon because evo is a smartphone. It is capable of performing more functions than the LG neon. Depending on your needs. If it is just for calling. Lg neon is perfectly fine.

yes I have the lg neon and its a excellent good lookin phone

no it does not i have this phone and it doesnt although i think the second version of the LG NEON does.

You can buy the lg neon for $92.32 as a GoPhone, Walmart defiantly sells them.

change resolution to 640x480 and press volume buttons up or down

The LG Neon comes in green , black , blue , pink , and red .

Yes i have a lg neon 2 and i have a text message signature on it.

how to delete recent meesage list on lg neon gw370

You really can't send a video longer then 20 seconds off the lg neon

Yes, the LG Neon is a sliding phone with a touch screen. Well, the the LG neon is a cell phone with a Sliding keyboard and it only has a touch screen for dialing Numbers. i would know, i own it

No Most LG phones do not i have a GW382f, it has no flash either.

I have the xenon and i have thissame question, but i have looked every where on the phone and could not find it. So i don't think you can.

You cannot set a texting signature on the LG Neon. You can, however, make a text template and use it everytime.

For me the LG Xenon,but others may not think the same as me!!!

The LG neon will only run on GSM network. Verizon runs on CDMA network. It is incompatible and would never work.

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