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The best place that has given an all-round answer for it, for all operating systems (since you don't specify which you have) is at: It's a little bit technical, so good luck!

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โˆ™ 2005-09-30 11:32:57
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Q: How can you change the caption of the Start Button in Windows?
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Why is your Windows 8 start button an acorn?

Why is this categorized in mens clothing? Also my Windows 8 start button is not an acorn so idk.

How do you change my start button name?

Without creating a all new theme for windows, you cant.

What is definition of desktop start button?

In a windows computer the start button is the button in the far left bottom corner of your main screen or desktop, in older versions of windows it had start written in it now with vista you will see an "orb" (a round button with the windows symbol in it) which says "start" when you hover over it.

How do you get to your computer with no icon?

Start button/Windows button/Windows Key and then click where it says (My)Computer

How does someone change the background on a Windows Vista system?

To change the background (or wallpaper) on a Windows Vista system you must first able yourself to change the desktop background. Then you can access it by clicking the Start button and clicking on the control button and searching for "appearance and personalization".

What button on the iMac is like the start button on PC?

There is no Start button per se. Finder is the equilivant of Start on a Windows PC.

What is the launch button?

The launch button for Windows is the Start button on the bottom left corner.

Where do you find windows messenger on Windows XP?

Search it in your start button.

How can you change the name of start menu in windows?

How do you change name of Start Menu in Windows

Where is the CTRL button?

The control/command button is next to Windows' start or alt.

Which button is used to open the start menu in windows vista?

Windows Icon

In Windows Vista which process allows you to change the desktop background?

click the windows icon/start button, choose control panel, select the appearance and personalization option, and click the change desktop background

Why is my windows 8 start button an acorn?

because it is

How do you start windows XP?

Press the power button

How do you turn off automatic updates in windows 7?

Click Start Button > Control Panel. Select Windows Updates and click Change Settings. It is not recommended to turn off the Windows Updates.

What is the function of start button in windows desktop environment?

it's to provide us with the start menu

What is the start button on Mac called as?

When you say button, the start button is called the power button and it turns power on/off. There is no start icon as you see on a windows computer. On Mac the equivalent is the Finder icon.

What key has the same function in Windows 7 as the Start button?

The 'windows button' - located to the left of the keyboard, between the FN and ALT keys

Why does your windows 7 start button look like an xp button?

It may be in the "classic" colour scheme. Change this by either right-clicking on the task bar and selecting a different view.

How convert Windows 98 Japanese version to English version?

You don't. The only way to change the base language in Windows (start button, menus etc) is to reinstall windows with a disk in the language you require.

What dialogue box can you use to change the computer name after windows 7 is installed?

Type sysdm.cpl in the Start Menu Search. Click the 'Change' button next to rename this computer.

What is a run button?

You might be referring to the RUN function/button on the Windows based OS start menu. In modern versions of windows you might have to go into the settings for the start menu to make it show up.

On a Mac what is the equivalent of the Windows start button?

The Mac has no Start button. The functions provided by a Start button can be replicated by using the Dock, Recent Items from the Apple menu (top left corner) and/or the Finder.

How do you uninstall windows live messenger beta 9 from vista?

You must click the start button on the bottom left of your screen. From there go to Control Panel. Click on the 'Add or Remove Programs' button and there is a list of all the programs you have on your computer. A lot of people have difficulties here. Do not look for Windows Messenger, but for Windows live Essentials. Then click the change/remove button.

How does the start button on a mac computer look like?

There is no Start button per se. Finder is the equilivant of Start on a Windows PC.