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Check to see if the capacitor is good. It is usually located inside the outdoor unit. It could be that the capacitor is bad and needs replacing. The outdoor fan will still run if you have a dual capacitor. One sure sign of a blown capacitor is that the top of the capacitor is bowed outward. If you have a multimeter you could also check the amp draw on the condensing unit. I would look at the capacitor first though

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Q: How can you check your home AC compressor which does not turn on but the fan is running?
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What could cause your AC in your car to not to be cold and just blow air?

When you turn on the AC, check to see if the compressor is running. If the compressor clutch is not engaging, it might be as simple as low refrigerant level. Automobile AC is not like a home AC. Since the compressor cannot be sealed, the seal always leaks a little and you need to occasionally add a little refrigerant.

How do you turn a compressor from a fridge into an air compressor?

Can't do it. The lubricant is mixed in with the refrigerant. Converted to air it would be running dry.

Why would a 2001 Ford Explorer AC blow hot air but full of freon?

Mabe your compressor is not kicking on for some reason. Check to see if the front of your compressor starts spinning when you turn it on. If it don't check to see if there is power to the wires that go to your compressor. If there is power you have a bad compressor. If there is not check the fuses or relays.

What would cause the AC compressor of a 2005 Toyota Tacoma not to turn on besides a fuse?

Check the Freon pressure first. The AC compressor will not turn on if the Freon pressure is too low.

After replacing the ac compressor on a 2000 Chevy Malibu and adding refrigerant the compressor still will not turn on?

check fuse or relay in underhood fuse box,

Why does the engine quit running when you turn the air conditioning on?

Could be your ac compressor is going or gone, probably gone.

How do i know if the compressor is running on dodge neon 2000?

You have a cycling clutch compressor. Turn the AC on max, let the car for five minutes or so, go look at the compressor. You should see the clutch engaging and disengaging the compressor as the pressure builds and drops.

Why does your expedition run worse when you turn on the air or heater?

Running the AC compressor uses horsepower, and the truck does not have enough to overcome the loss.

Why does the ac compressor turn off after about 5 seconds?

There are several things that can cause your air conditioning compressor to turn off after five seconds. The most common cause is a lack of Freon pressure. Check your air conditioning hoses for a leak.

How can you bypass the ac compressor on a Saturn ion?

If you want it constantly running jumper the high pressure cut off switch wire. And if you dont want it running turn off the ac. If pully is seized see if a napa can get a shorter belt to route around the ac compressor

What causes your car to shut off when you turn on the air conditioner?

If the clutch on the AC compressor has seized, the engine can in some situations stop running. The compressor could be bad but it is also possible that the clutch only is bad.

Which style compressor uses belt to turn the compressor?

open drive

Which type of compressor uses belts to turn the compressor?

Open drive.

What is wrong when Goodman home AC outside blower fan will not turn on but compressor does come on?

bad motor or capacitor

Why does your home ac compressor turn off after just 1 minute?

Because it might overheat or need a break.

How can you check to see if a compressor on a 95 mark 8 is working?

the asiest way to see if it is working is to start the car, turn on the a/c, watch your compressor. you should hear a click than the center of the compressor pully will start rotating, if that doesnt happen you could be low in gas in your system, you can always fill it just to check

What causes a home air conditioning unit to not turn off?

A stuck compressor contactor. Do not turn off the indoor fan until you have either shut off the breaker or pulled the fuses to the outdoor unit and stopped the compressor, or damage may result.

No dash lights and running lights when you turn on the headlights?

What year is the vehicle? Did you check the fuse?

What is the problem when a 2005 Nissan maxima's ac does not turn on?

No fan-electrical Fan/no cold-check refrigerant. Refrigerant ok, check compressor.

Is it normal for the AC compressor to turn on and off when running the heater on a 2000 Chevy 2500 6.0 engine?

YES. The A/C will cycle on and off when the heater is on defrost. That stops the A/C compressor from locking up during the winter months.

Signs of bad air cond compressor ford focus?

Things to check first: Turn on the A/C control - open the hood and look at the compressor and observe whether or not the clutch is engaging (clicking on and off). If it isn't then check the fuse/electric relay that control the compressor. If the compressor operates but cycles rapidly (clicks on and off), that could be a sign of low refrigerant, have it checked. If these easy do-it-yourself checks are inconclusive then you need a mechanic.

Your central ac condensor motor will not shut off?

Turn it off until you can have it looked at, the contactor is probably welded shut and you can kill the compressor running it this way.

Why would a 1993 Buick LeSabre stop running and not turn over?

Check battery and cables

Why wouldn't the AC compressor turn?

The most likely reason the compressor is not coming on is because you are low on freon. The low pressure switch will keep the compressor from cycling on because damage to your compressor would result. You can jumper across the low presure switch with the engine running and A/C turned on, ( for short time only) this will provide you with question is my compressor clutch good, or am I just low on freon. The AC compressor relay switch may need to be replaced

Where is the AC Compressor on a newstyle 1999 VW Jetta It was working fine then working semi fine and now not all all. The engine does not surge when I turn on the AC. New Compressor or Freon?

The compressor is located under, to the left of the engine. You will see that it is attached to the belt (its an a/c compressor!) and it is right in front of the radiator fans. The compressor will have some silver houses running to it, and a socket wire harness conected to it. Hope this helps heh