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How can you clear your computer of past Internet activity?


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The most optimal solution to this issue is History Killer Pro. This is rated very high by editors and users in (link provided below). It has the following key features.

Search function

You can find comprehensive information concerning particular website, file, etc (e.g. after total scan of the PC and securely remove the data.

Selective removal of items and sub-items

All items scanned via the program are wholly visible and can be deleted selectively (folders, subfolders, files, etc).

Exclude list

Particular items can be added to Exclude list for preservation purposes. E.g. you can add "Google" item in the list to keep Google related data as it is (Google cookies, Gmail login, password, etc).

Multi-level security

The program has 4 security level:

  1. Fastest - General file deletion
  2. Low - Overwrite (1 pass)
  3. Medium - Overwrite (3 passes)
  4. High - Overwrite (6 passes)


The program can be set to "Clean" particular browser targets on exit. E.g. if you use Internet Explorer, History Killer Pro can be scheduled to delete all cookies, history, temporary files, autocomplete password, etc. on the browser exit.

Lifetime license

No subscriptions, no additional fees. Free of charge updates.

Multilanguage support

English, German, Russian

French, Spanish support (coming soon)

You can also try an application such as "Window washer." It's free to try and cheap to keep using. This one I use with success...not only does it delete history, cookies and cache files, but it also overwrites them preventing recovery utilities from recovering the history from your hard drive.