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Clearing Clogged Ears1.) facial steam

2.) chewing & swallowing

3.) babies (drink/bottle)

4.) hold(pinch)nose & blow

5.) hot cloth in cup hold up to ear.

6.) take Advil Sinus for a few days

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Q: How can you clear your ears if they are clogged from a head cold?
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What should you take to clear your clogged ears from sinus infection?

Put some hot water in a bowl and put some vapour rup in it. bend over the bowl, put a towl over your head to trap the steam and breathe it in.

Is it ok for your ear to be clogged during a head cold?

Yes it is because when I had a fever last night I felt very hot all over my body and I felt chilly. Thankfully my ears where not full of earwax or other germs.

How do you clear a head cold before scuba diving?

hold youre breth for 10 seconds

Will flying with a head cold affect your ears?

Yes, air pressure from flying already puts a strain on your ears and with the added congestion, it will surely have an effect. You will probably feel some pain or un-comfortableness in your ears.

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What can i do to Unclog ears after bad head cold?

SWallow real hard and maybe chew gumTaking Advil Sinus for a few days can help with this.

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