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If your laptop has a LAN port, good. If not, you can get a PCMCIA card for LAN for around $10 on eBay. Then, connect your laptop LAN port to your desktop LAN port with a Crossover ethernet cable. Make sure you specify you need a crossover cable at the computer store, they are different from the normal ethernet cables found in most stores. Now dialup to the internet with your desktop. Now you need to go to your dialup connections. In Windows XP, you can do this by going to Start>Connect To>All ConnectionsIt will be different in other versions of windows.Right click on your dialup connection and choose properties. Somewhere in the properties there should be an option to share the dialup connection. Do this. At this point, your laptop should have internet.Good luck!

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Q: How can you connect both a PC with a modem and a lan card and laptop with a modem to the internet?
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Why is the modem for a laptop different from a modem for another type of computer?

laptops and computers dont come with modems. They come with wireless adapters that are essentially the same for both laptop and desktop, that can connect to modems. If you have a purchased usb modem for your laptop, that is what is accessing the internet. If you do not, the modem, say at Starbucks, is accessing the internet for you...and you are connecting to it.

What piece of equipment do you need to connect to the internet?

A modem to connect to a wired cable,a router for wireless,some are both modem and router in one, newer telephones also have the ability to connect to internet.

Can you use a single modem to connect two computers?

If you want to connect two computers together, you do not need a modem for it. If you want to connect two computers together and connect both of them to internet yes you need a modem.

How do you get internet from your home computer on your laptop?

You don't. The laptop has to connect to the internet separately, either directly through a telephone line (for dial-up service) or a broadband DSL/satellite/cable modem. If you want to connect both machines at the same time, you need a router between the modem and the two machines. (NOTE: this cannot be done with a single telephone line, only with broadband)

What do you need to connect your Ethernet network to the internet through a DSL or cable modem?

If you have an ethernet cable plug it into the modem and they should be connected. My Modem is connected with a router to the rest of the network and with the internet modem and is both wireless and wired

What does a modem do to enable a ps2 online?

If nothing else is connected to the modem you can use a ethernet cable to connect the ps2 to the modem and the internet. If you also have a PC then you need to put a router between the modem and PC and also connect the PS2 to the router which will allow both the PC and PS3 to work off the same modem

How can 2 computers both get internet if only one has connection to the internet and you have only one modem and one wireless router?

Get 2 USB or Internal wireless receivers and connect both computers wireless to the wireless router

Can you connect a residential gateway to a wireless router for internet access?

Yes you can. To create a wireless home network, youâ??ll need both a router and a modem, or a gateway that functions as both

How can you connect your laptop to your Bose System?

You can connect your laptop to your Bose system with an HDMI cable is both have one. You can also connect the two by USB.

Do you need both a router and a modem in order to set up a network?

Yes. A modem will connect one computer or device to the internet. A router is needed to split the signal between many devices either wired or wireless.

The inventor of the PC Modem in 1977 what does this device do?

You use a PC modem to connect to the Internet. It will generally connect through to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It allows either one computer - or a group of computers which are served by the same router - to connect to other systems. Its designed purpose is a) to send information outwards and b) to receive information inwards and to do both of those things at the same time.

Do you need both a router and a modem to get wireless Internet?


Do you need both modem and a wireless router?

No a router is a modem.<--sorry buy you're wrong. Yes, if you wish to have internet you need a modem and a router if you only want to setup a network (no internet) then you only need a router. Your modem gives your access to the internet and a router gives you the capability to have multiple computers to have access to the internet through the modem.

Do you need a modem on a notebook computer?

Depends. You need a modem built in the notebook if you want to use it to connect to the internet via Ethernet cable. Generally these days laptops/notebooks have a wireless adaptor built in for wireless internet access instead. Most *good* laptops/notebooks have both.

Can you Connect A PC Through A Telephone Line?

If you mean can you network computer to computer through a phone line, adhock, then if both computers have a dial up modem then yes. It's kind of a pain tho, and not every modem could do it. If you mean connect to another computer via internet over a phone line then yes if it has a dial up modem. DSL does use the phone line for access to the DSL modem.

What lead do i need to connect a printer to a laptop?

All you need to connect it to your laptop is a USB cable to plug into the printer so it can connect to the laptop. If your printer came with a CD, then install it using that. Most of the time you need a Type A to Type B USB cable to connect printer to a PC or Laptop. Both side connector are different. You can get these cheap (less than $3-4) on internet or in discount electronics stores. - Neeraj Sharma

How do you connect your PlayStation 3 to the internet?

First you need to already have an Internet service to connect to from the PS3. The PS3 can connect to the internet service either wired with an ethernet cable plugged into your router or modem or wirelessly through a wireless modem or router. Once you have a wireless internet source or have connected your PS3 to a modem or router with an ethernet cable you can begin the process to connect the PS3 to the internet. The first step is to go to your PS3 setting menu and go to network settings. Then you go to the network setting and try to connect to the internet. My PS3 was able to perform this task on the auto setting for both the wired and wireless connections. When connecting the first time no password was used and later learned that somehow the password connection setup was broken less, but switched to wired for complete connection stability and greater speeds on connection tests for PS3.

How do you connect your PlayStation 3 to your comcast receiver?

If you mean your Comcast modem for the internet you purchase a Cat 5 or Cat 6 ethernet cable long enough to go from the back of the PS3 to where the modem is. If you already have a computer connected to the modem then you will either need to unplug the computer each time you want to use the PS3 or purchase a router so the signal can be routed to both devices. Both items are often found at greatly reduced sale prices Just because you have Comcast for TV does not mean you can use it to connect to the internet, but if Comcast is already providing internet service to your house it is easy to run a router from the modem and plug both the PC and PS3 into it and no service charge or equipment rentals are necessary

I can connect to wifi using other modems but cant connect to my own modem on my laptop any help?

Hmmm. So what you are saying is you can go into a restaurant or free wireless area and connect OK but you can't connect to your home router?The usual reason you can't connect to a modem/router is the password is not right. It has to be exact.Another reason is you may have the modem/router set to use only N speed and your computer is only rated at G so it can't connect. Make sure the Modem/Router is set for ALL speeds.Make sure the Security mode is the same on both devices, WPA2 on the modem/router has to be WPA2 on the computer. Some devices won't connect with TKIP or AES try one then the other.Sometimes even the channel your on can make a difference if you don't have it the same on both of them. Try putting the Modem/router channel selector on auto if you have it.Make sure your computer is trying to connect to yournetwork and not your neighbors by mistake.

Can you connect a laptop to a projector?

AnswerYes. You can use the vga port on the back of your laptop to connect to a projector.AnswerYes. Basically just connect the VGA cord from the laptop to the projector with both units off. You can find more detailed instructions here:

How to Connect ps3 to modem?

Purchase an ethernet cable, either cat5 or cat6 long enough to run from the back of your PS3 to the Modem. If your modem has something already plugged into the ethernet, you need to unplug it and plug in the PS3. If you want to be able to use both without having to switch the plugs you need to purchase a router that you connect to the modem and then connect everything to the router.

How do you connect two desktops to one DSL modem?

You need to connect your modem to a ROUTER, and then connect both desktops to the router, instead of connecting one desktop directly to the modem. You can connect the 2 desktops to the router either with standard CAT5 network wiring (recommended), or wirelessly if you have a wireless router and suitable wireless hardware attached to the desktops.

How do you hook up a router to a router?

I know how to hook up a router you just have to Step 1:put the internet wire on the modem and the router Step 2: look at your both routers and connect the internet wire to the COMPUTER 1

Can you connect a cable modem to a wireless router wirelessly?

No, you cannot. But you can connect both using a lan cable, which is usually included with wireless routers.

What is internal modem in networking?

An internal modem is a modem that is installed inside the computer. Modem is short for modulator-demodulator. It modulates by converting digital signals into sound waves for transmission over a telephone line. It demodulates by decoding the sound waves coming from the phone lines and converting them back into usable digital signals. Since it does both, that makes it an I/O device. Early Internet providers allowed you to access the Internet using a phone number so you could connect using a dial-up modem.