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How can you connect your tv to your hi fi speakers?


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You will need RCA audio cables in order to connect your TV to your hi fi speakers. Connect the cables to the cables to the audio out on your television. Connect the other end to the axillary input port on your receiver.

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I had the same problem, using the headphone socket and a headphone-to-phono cable from Maplins I am now able to listen to my TV through my hi-fi. Just stick the headphone jack in the TV and the red and white phono plugs in your hi-fi.

If the TV has an audio output, connect this to a stereo amplifier, and then connect speakers to this. Modern TV's don't have amplifiers for external speakers.

It is very easy. The TV possesses a Wi-Fi feature that enables you to easily connect to the internet wireless.Therefore you can connect your ally with the TV through Wi-Fi.

The TV will need to have AUDIO OUTPUT jacks to connect to the speakers or a amplifier to power the speakers and subwoofer.

If your TV has RCA audio outputs, you can connect an amplifier to these outputs to plug in speakers. If it has a headphone jack, you can connect computer-type amplified speakers to this output.

Connect the AUDIO OUT from the back of the TV to the AUDIO IN of the BOSE unit.

You could use an external cable or satellite receiver and connect speakers to that.

Some of the better TVs have external speaker connectors on the back, most do not. If the TV has audio output connectors you can connect a stereo audio amplifier and speakers to these. If this works, go into the audio menu and turn off the TVs internal speakers.

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how do l connect my laptop to my tv

You need a receiver or processor that routes the tv tuner thru to those speakers, unless, you have that built into your tv. Connect the audio-out input from the tv to the 'tv in' or 'aux' or 'vcr', etc. Then, connect those speakers to the appropriate jacks on the receiver....good luck!..BB

Magnets are found in the speakers of TVs, Hi Fi systems and computers. Magnets are also often used as closure devices on bathroom cupboards & fridges.

The Speakers get connected to the TV that the console is connected to. So yeah you can purchase a home theater and connect it to your HDTV and when you play the PS3 if everything is connected correctly you will hear it through a number of speakers.

Yes. The WiFi capability of a TV enables it to connect to wireless hotspot. You will need to have a wireless modem established in your home, for the TV to use this facility.

The TV must be with Bluetooth! If the TV is no Bluetooth! You can only connect the TV and Bluetooth speakers with audio cable!

hi to do it you connect the YFIE to the TFIE and there you have it. hi to do it you connect the YFIE to the TFIE and there you have it.

In order to connect your smart TV to a Wi-Fi hotspot you must have the password. If your connection fails, you can check to make sure your adapter is working properly.

Remove the Dell back cover from LCD TV to expose the Speaker connectorTurn off the power to the LCD TVDisconnect the power cordConnect the speaker wire with the proper "left" and "right" indicationConnect the red wire to the "+" polarityConnect the black wire to the "-" polarityUsing a screwdriver, remove the speaker pedestal screws.Connect the speaker to the LCD TV using the provided speaker mounting bracket (as shown above).Thumb screw the bracket to the back of the LCD TV and the Speaker. NOTICE - Do not connect the thumb screw too tightly as it could cause damage to the speakers and LCD TV.When relocating the LCD TV, do not carry the LCD TV by the speakers as this could potentially damage both the speakers and LCD TV.

You need to connect a good higher powered amp. and speakers to the Audio Out connectors on the back TV if it has them.

The TV needs to have AUDIO OUT connectors, some don't. If they are present on your TV connect them to the Home Theater box's INPUTS. Then go into the TV's men and switch the TV's speakers off. Don't use the TV's speakers with the Home Theaters speakers.

you need a normal PC in connection cable, but if you have a newer model you will need a extra connecter that connects the PC in connection cable to your laptop. You can buy everything you need at jb hi-fi stores.

Yes it's simple just connect them to your TV

Connect the digital audio output of the TV to a surround sound receiver and speakers.

Speakers generate sound by electricity. have you ever heard that static on your tv headphones? that's the transmitter trying to connect to the tv. The elecricity travels to the speakers and 'tells' them what to do. it then emits your average sound.

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