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It is amazing how many batteries a digital camera can go through in a day � sometimes one or two sets of batteries if you are on a long shoot or a full day of sightseeing. However, there are a few ways you can conserve your battery power so you aren�t stranded without power.

1) Turn off your camera when you are not using it. 2) Use your regular viewfinder rather than your LCD viewfinder when taking pictures. 3) Don�t use the camera�s playback mode often. While it may be tempting to view every picture you have taken right away, the camera�s playback drains batteries quickly. 4) Some miniature hard drives, like MicroDrive use more battery power than Compact Flash Cards.

Despite all good efforts, your batteries will run out of power. To avoid being stuck without power, bring along some extra batteries and a battery charger, if you are on a trip or long photo shoot. At the end of each day, you can recharge the batteries you drained during the day.


There is fantastic resolution to most digital camera battery problems. DigiPower makes a rechargable external battery that connects directly to your cameras AC adapter port. It plugs in just as an AC adapter would. The camera sees it as a slave battery source. It has a set of LED lights that when the check button is pressed on the end of the unit the LED lights illuminate to let you know how much charge is remaining. The AC recharge unit on it lets you know when the unit is fully charged by changing colors from red to green. One can leave the unit plugged in when not using the camera so that the unit always contains sufficient charge for any job. The DigiPower pack comes with several adapters to accomodate a great variety of manufacturers and their models. The price for the DigiPower units average around $35.00. When you consider what AA batteries cost just for two of them and how often they have to be recharged, not to mention how many one would have to carry in order to maintain enough to get in a whole days shooting. I own two DigiPower units and have no intentions of ever buying another rechargable AA battery. One can keep the AA batteries in the camera while using the DigiPower unit just for backup. I purchased my first DigiPower unit on eBay, and the second one at Ritz Camera. After paying shipping and handling on eBay I actually paid more that at Ritz Camera.

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Q: How can you conserve battery power on a digital camera?
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What digital camera accessories are needed to operate the camera?

To operate a digital camera, one must have the proper camera battery and charger to power it. A memory card is needed to store the pictures, and a USB cord is needed to transfer the pictures from the camera to the computer.

With what kind of energy does a battery power a camera?

Chemical and electrical energy are used. They power a camera.

Does digital camera is a example of chemical energy?

The light sensor in a digital camera, known as a Charge-Coupled Device (CCD), is photoelectric in nature and does not produce energy via chemical means. However, virtually every digital camera uses a battery to power it, which is electrochemical in nature, producing electricity from chemical energy stored in the battery's cells.

What can you do when you turn on your camera and you try to zoom in but it turns off?

Recharge (or replace) the battery. The zoom take a lot of battery power so, although the camera turns on, the battery is drained by the zoom.

What is the power time autonomy of the Canon PowerShot S90 digital camera?

The power time autonomy of the Canon PowerShot S90 digital camera is about 4 seconds. It gives you full control of the functions and what one wants to shoot.

What kind of camera accessory is the Nikon MB D80?

The Nikon MB D80 is a multi powered battery pack that is an accessory for the Nikon D80 and the Nikon D90 which are both digital SLR cameras. It is known to provide stability as well as longer battery power.

What does it mean to conserve less water?

To conserve is to save. To conserve less means to waste. To conserve power means to save power, To "conserve less" power means to "save less" (or waste) dose it not?

Do they make portable battery operated digital televisions that can be used during power failures?

The answer is YES....just do a web search of "portable battery operated digital televisions" and you'll find what you want.

What are camcorder's power supply?

A camcorder's power supply is usually a battery that attaches to the back of the camcorder. That battery is most often rechargable from a separate charging pack that comes with the camera.

What computer system is power management most useful?

Power management is used mostly for laptops, that when using battery the laptop usually will go into a power mode that allows it to conserve energy.

Which mode should you power down to if you want to conserve the most battery power while making allowance for the retrieval of the computing session at a later time?

Hibernate mode

What are the disadvantages when using a digital voltmeter?

only universal disadvantage is use of battery without battery no power on but in analog tht prblm never comes

What does it mean if a camera battery has lost its charge?

It means it won't power your camera any more. Unless you recharge it, that is. If in the event that recharging fails to restore the battery's charge, then it simply means it's time to get a new battery.

What is the life expectancy of a laptop battery?

Laptop batteries have a life expectancy of approximately 400-500 recharges, depending on the battery. To conserve battery power, simply decrease screen brightness and unplug the charger when the laptop is fully charged.

Benefits of the Camera Battery Charger?

If you have a camera that you use often and notice the batteries drain a lot quicker than you would prefer, it may make sense to use a camera battery charger. Batteries are not inexpensive especially if you have to purchase a specific brand or type for your particular camera. If you use a camera battery charger, you no longer have to worry about replacing the batteries the minute they are low on power. You can recharge them and use them for a longer period of time.

What is the size of the tiny internal battery of the canon power shot s100 digital elph?

If you have the battery out of the unit then just match up the voltage with a simalar size battery. This is usaully cheaper. Everything is written on the battery.

What kind of film does a digital camera use?

Digital cameras don't use film, they either use batteries or you recharge the device by plugging it into your computer, power point etc. If you want to develop the photos, you take the camera to the store, like you would with film.

Why close icons on iPhone after use?

The icons represent programs that are running on your phone. All running programs eat up battery power. Shutting down programs after you use them will conserve battery life.

How do you get the vivitar 8025 camera to work?

Please follow the below steps to install the battery correctly: 1. Slide and open the battery door. 2. Insert the battery correctly with the correct polarity facing up. 3. Close the battery door. Now, please follow the below steps to charge the Camera: Please charge the battery as below 2 methods: A. Charge with USB cable Insert the lithium battery into your camera correctly, and connect your camera to computer with USB cable. The red LED of camera will turn on indicating that your camera is in charging status, the LED will be off when charge full. B. Charge with supplied charger Please note that your camera is supplied a compatible charger, you are only required to put the battery into charger and charge the lithium battery directly from electrical outlet. Now, please press the Power button on the top of the camera once to turn on your camera. The LCD will light up, this indicates your camera is turned on and ready for use.

What does plugged USB port may shorten battery life mean I have a tablet and this message comes up when I get under 15 percent battery?

USB devices take power from the device they are plugged into to operate. The message is a warning warning suggesting you unplug the USB devices to conserve the power of the tablet's battery.

What does the power switch on a camera do?

the power switch on a camera turns on or off the camera.

Why was the android created?

Android was first created to power up Digital Camera i.e. Andy Rubin was first developing Android as an Operating System for DIgital Camera but soon they realized that it doesn't have that big market to target upon so they diverted their attention towards developing Android OS to power up mobile devices.

What are the symptoms of a bad battery or cables?

The symptom of a bad battery or cable is the starter is unable to get the power to start the engine. You can use a digital multimeter to check to see if it is the cables or test the battery for the definite cause.

Could you power a car scooter or bicycle with lemons?

It is possible to make a battery with lemons. A lemon battery, using two or three lemons, can power a buzzer or a small digital clock. However, it would take thousands of lemons to power a bicycle or scooter and millions to power a car!

How to load photos from digital camera into a PC?

Take the disk that came with the camera load it in you computer and follow the instructions. Is is too broad a question to ask what kind of camera you have ??? Search You Tube or Google and make sure to include model number. Or use the USB cable that came with the camera to link the camera to the computer. Make sure you have plenty of battery power in your camera before trying to download. If you have been shooting JPEGs, you should be able to download without trouble - just copy the pics from your camera, which will show up a another drive, to your desired storage area.