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You go to and that's all im tellin u guys

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Q: How can you contact berna of asf dancers?
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What are the names of the asf dancers?

There are many asf dancers some leave and go and there are some new ones here are most asf dancers i know:=Luningning; Mialgring; Hope; Aiko; Frances; Mariposa; Ar-Ar; Tezza, Lovely; Mary; Steph; Tintin; KatKat; Monnet; Precy,Berna; Cathy; Loraine, and there are many more ! You should go on there website! You will know all about them!

Your Friendster ba si cha ng asf dancers?

my friendster b c steph ng asf dancers?

What is the full name of Samantha of asf dancers?

The full name of Samantha of the ASF Dancers is Samantha Whitmire. "ASF Dancers" is the dance group that performs in the concluded noontime show, Wowowee. The group's name was derived from the name of their choreographer, Anna S. Feliciano.

What is the last name of Steph of the ASF dancers?


What are the true name of all asf dancers?


Who are the ASF dancers?

All I know is that Luningning is Lea Carla Santos. Milagring is Danna Annaliza Bernardo Decastro. The ASF dancers are also known as the Wowowee girls. They dance and otherwise provide background dancing for a noontime show called Wowowee on ABS-CBN. ASF stands for Anna Soriano Feliciano who is the girls' manager. The dancers are: Aiko Angela Berna Cathy Danna a.k.a. Milagring Ella Gail Hope Jenny Johanna Katkat Lea a.k.a. Luningning Lorraine Michelle Mary Monette Nina Precy Rovie Shame Tina

Can you name asf dancers from wowowee?

LeaDannaAikoMonetteMaryBernaJennyRovieHopeCathyPrecyChaKat-KatMichelleTezzaStephFrancesGailGeneAprilJenJenaLovelyMuch more

Where is monet of ASF dancers?

In Bulacan, taking up HRM course....

What is the real name of aiko asf dancers?

aiko kimberly climaco

What is the website of the ASF dancers?

Try their friendster site. Click on the link below.

Who is the whitest girl in asf dancers in wowowee?

Maria Carla "Luningning" Santos

May Friendster ba si cha ng asf dancers?

How do you contact professional dancers for free?

You cannot contact professional dancers for free.

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