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the auto specialty alignment book has the conversion chart.

2006-09-25 03:37:16
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Convert 8.91425 degrees to minute?

534.9 minutes.

How do you convert minutes to degree?

Divide (minutes) by 60 to get the same angle in (degrees).

How do you convert degree minutes seconds into decimal degree?

Some scientific caculators can convert degrees minutes and seconds into decimal degrees and vice versa as for example 60045'18'' = 60.755

What is the conversion from degree to minutes?

There are sixty minutes in a degree - so to convert degrees to minutes, you multiply by 60 !

How do you convert fractions to a number of minutes?

A fraction is an arithmetic quantity. Minutes are lengths of time, or sizes of angles. These are not equatable. To convert fractions of an hour to minutes of time multiply by 60. To convert fractions of a day to minutes multiply by 24x60. To convert degrees (of angle) to minutes multiply by 60.

What is the formula to convert degrees minutes seconds to decimal degrees?

d degrees + m minutes + s seconds = d + m/60 + s/3600 degrees in decimal form.

How do you Convert 22 degrees and 38 minutes to a decimal degree?

60 minutes in a degree. 38/60 = 0.63333 repeating 22.63 degrees

Convert 12.65 degrees minutes and seconds if applicable?

12 degrees. There are 60 mins in a degree, so 0.65*60 is 39 mins 12 degrees, 39 minutes.

How do you convert degrees minutes seconds to Degrees minutes only?

Each degree is equal to 60 minutes, each minute is equal to 60 seconds; to convert seconds to minutes, divide the seconds by 60 and add to the minutes. Ex. (Assume the asterisk (*) is a degree sign) 51* 43' 20" 51* + 43' + (20/60)' 51* + 43' + (1/3)' Answer: 51* 43 (1/3)' Hopefully this is answering the question you had. If you want to convert Minutes and seconds into decimal degrees, use either formula below: ((Seconds/60) + Minutes)/60 + Degrees or Degrees + (Minutes/60) + (seconds/3600)

What geometric figures are the sides of an angle?

Angles are measured in degrees, minutes and seconds A full rotation measures 360 degrees

Convert gps reading n27 degrees 18.773 minutes to degrees only?

There are 60 minutes in a degree, so 18.773'/60 = .3129 degrees, and your final value is north 27.3129o.

How do i find the angle complementary to the angle 80 25'?

You subtract 90 degrees minus 80 degrees 25'. Note: You should convert the 90 degrees to 89 degrees and 60 minutes first, that way you can easily subtract degrees and minutes.

How do you convert minute in to degrees?

1 hour = 1 degree 1 hour = 60 minutes

Does minutes of latitude measure time from the equator?

No, it measures degrees. Longitude can measure time, but not from the equator but from the prime meridian

What is the difference between 4 degrees and negative 10?

It depends on the units for -10. For example the difference between 4 degrees and -10 minutes (angular measures) is 41/6 degrees.

How many arc minutes are there in 0.75 arc degree?

Just "degree", not "arc degree". A degree has 60 minutes; therefore, to convert from degrees to minutes, you multiply by 60.

How do you convert miles into minutes?

how to convert miles into minutes

What is an imaginary line that runs parallel to the equator and measures degrees and minutes in the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere?

The parallels of lattitude

How do you convert latitude and longitude from coordinates to decimals?

To convert the number of hours, directly put it into the decimal without change; To convert the number of minutes to decimals, divide by 60: Decimal value = Minutes/60; To convert the number of seconds to decimals, divide by 3600: Decimal value = Seconds/3600 Complete formula: Decimal value = Degrees+(Minutes/60)+(Seconds/3600)

Convert 30 minutes at 450 degrees to 375 degrees?

Baking is an exact type of food science that requires precise measurements of ingredients, time, and heat. If you want to cook something at 375 degrees what was originally supposed to bake for 30 minutes at 450 you would need to bake it for 60 minutes at 375.

Where is 5 degrees 39 minutes and 157 degrees and 51 minutes?

Where is 5 degrees 39 minutes west and 157 degrees and 51 minutes west

Convert seconds to minutes?

To convert seconds into minutes, divide by 60.

How do you convert 1.33 minutes into hours?

To convert minutes to hours, divide the number of minutes by 60.

How to convert degree minutes seconds angle to decimal?

Works on the same principle as "60 seconds = 1 minute and 60 minutes = 1 hour (or degree in this case)... So for example: 2 degrees, 45 Minutes and 20 seconds is worked as follows: Now, 20 seconds = 0.33 minutes (i.e. 20/60); add to 45 minutes to get 45.33 minutes.. 45.33 minutes = 45.33/60 degrees = 0.7555 degrees. Therefore, final answer is 2 + 0.7555 = 2.7555 degrees.... Hope this helps!!

Smedley ran 440 yards in 78 seconds express this time in minutes?

To convert seconds to minutes, divide by 60.To convert seconds to minutes, divide by 60.To convert seconds to minutes, divide by 60.To convert seconds to minutes, divide by 60.