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tell her that the guinea pig cant fit and needs a bigger and better house


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no but it is in there better nature to have it. because they will be mopre at home if they have the bedding

Phillip's mother convinced his father to let Phillip, and her go back to their orig anal home. I think it was in Virginia.

Take it to your local animal shelter or Guinea pig rescue. I suggest a guinea pig rescue as it will have a better chance of finding a new home. or you could try selling your guinea pig :)

Yes but there better of with a harness u can buy them from pets at home.

Wood shavings are better for a sort of bedding or ground cover for the guinea-pig and hay is better for food in the corner of the hutch.The best home for your guinea-pig would be a hutch with cover in the order of;NewspaperWood shavingsA thin layer of strawIn the bedroom, a thin layer of beddingHay in two out of every four corners of the hutchThat would be a good home.

Baby guinea pigs could leave home at the age of 4 weeks if they weaned which means they can eat and drink on their own and withdrawing away from its mother milk

An ideal home for a guinea pig is a big cardboard box with no lid

No, only if your mother wants to go. Talk this over with the both of them. It is better if your mother stays with family.

You need to petition the court with jurisdiction and convince the judge that the child would be better off with you. Since you lost custody in the past you will need to provide proof the problems that caused you to lose custody have been addressed and you can provide a safe, stable home.

Guinea pigs have to get used to their home before they start to be active

To convince your parents to let you stay home you have to pretend to have a stomach ache and make yourself through up at school

Depends on the size of the guinea pig and it's breed.

yes it can if the guinea pig gets lots of attention when you are home

Australia is the main home of kangaroos, while the island of New Guinea (which comprises the countries of both Papua New Guinea and Indonesia) is also the home of Tree-kangaroos.

This is between your mother and father and there must be good reasons on their part why you are living where you are. You may not be happy where you are, but perhaps your father had no choice. If your mother and father don't get along and you wish your mother and the rest of the family could move back home then this is up to your mother and not the rest of you. If your mother is not involved and you are minors then your father, by law should be looking after you (which obviously he is) and therefore can't just let you live on your own from where you came from.

Calpurnia try to convince Caesar to stay at home because she saw a firghtful dream which not a good vision

Pony tried to convince himself on the way home from the hospital that Johny was not dead and he was alive because he did not want to believe it because that was his best friend.

if they are out in the wild yes if they are in you home no

my guinea pig do not feel good i left the window open and i was cold in my home

I would not recommend you to heal a guinea pig at home. You should bring your guinea pig to a local animal hospital. Healing a guinea pig alone can cause germs going into the guinea pig. That can be harmful for your pet.

Australia is the home of both kangaroos and koalas, while the island of New Guinea (which comprises the countries of both Papua New Guinea and Indonesia) is also the home of Tree-kangaroos.

You should ask your mother for her opinion. Some elderly people enjoy living in a nursing home community while others prefer living on their own in their own home. But if your mother needs specific care that only a nursing home facility can provide her, then a nursing home might be better.

The video from Bella's last Thanksgiving with "Gran" before she dies. She's at the pier, loses her balance and almost falls in. Her mother calls "Bella? Bella?" in worry, which is what James used to convince Bella her mother was with him at the ballet studio.

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