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How can you copy locked files on harddisk from CD?

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When you load the CD into the drive, press the shift key. This will disable the autorun feature which makes the CD to automatically load anti copying files onto the hard drive.

But you can sue the company that uses such software because they are loading files onto your computer which you do not want to install...

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How do you make copy of CD to CD?

copy all the files to your PC and then write them to a disc.

How do you copy php files to a CD?

Create Data CD with any available CD burning software and insert the files. Burn.

How do you copy video games?

You need a computer that can burn files into a DVD or CD. You must first copy all the files from the video game CD to your computer then burn them to a virgin CD.

How can you save a Microsoft Excel to a CD?

This question is not clear, so I will present two answers: Entire Excel program - Copy the original CD to another CD. There is no reasonable way to copy the installed files from your computer to a CD. Individual Excel workbook files - Copy the file the same way you would copy any other file. Use whatever application is available on your computer to copy files to CD (perhaps even drag the file from Windows Explorer to the CD).

What kind of divice do you need to copy files onto a blank CD?

A CD drive

What kind of device do you need to copy files onto a blank CD?

a CD drive.

Music from CD to memory stick?

If CD is a standard audio CD (not Mp3 or wav files), you will have to encode music from audio CD format to Mp3 or other formats and then copy files to a memory stick like regular file copy/transfer.

How to copy files from a DVD to a CD?

You could copy it to your PC hard drive firstly and then burn it to a CD. You could try DVDFab DVD Copy

How do you copy a song from the computer to a CD?

You need a CD to burn it on the CD. You select which files you want and click burn.

How to save files in a CD?

Well, you copy the stuff you want onto the CD page thingy(It might show up) Then you go copy then paste or you can drag it over to the page. Then you should have your saved files in your CD. Hope that will help you!

How do you download music to CD?

You don't. You download it to your harddisk THEN burn it to your CD

How do you copy music from your CD to another CD?

Copy and paste all of the music files from the music CD into your computer, then insert a blank disk (your computer needs to be able to format CDs and write data onto them). Format the blank disk and copy + paste all of your music files onto the blank CD.

How do you copy CD to computer?

if you are going to copy everything on your CD to computer, you will need to go into the CD by right clicking the your DVD RAM and selecting explore. This will load up inside the CD and you select all your files and copy them to your drive on the PC

When you burn files are they still on your computer?

Yes; burning files to a recordable CD or DVD creates a copy.

How do you record a regular CD to a CD r?

I would try this: 1. Copy the files from the CD that you would want to put in the CD-ROM 2. Remove the CD and insert the CD-ROM 3. Move the files To the CD-ROM Easy as 1,2,3! :)

Cannot copy audio files to a CD-r disc?

Eat it!

Can a CD containing ghost files be copied to another CD?

Yes, if you make an ISO image of the disc first. Copying manually may not copy the files correctly.

How do you play battlefield Vietnam without a CD?

You, can burn a CD on MagicISO and will copy the CD files to the computer and other programs that allow you to play the game without a CD.

Does xp has builtin CD writing software?

Not a specfic software. But you can copy the files, paste them in the writable drive, and then there is a 'Burn' button in the file menu I think that burns these files into your CD.

How can I copy a data CD?

Unless you have a dual CD drive system, you will have to copy [rip] the 1st CD onto your hard drive, then copy [burn] those files onto the blank CD. If you have a dual drive system, insert the 1st CD into the read only drive and the blank into the CD-RW drive and transfer the data.

If you rip music off of a CD- and onto your computer- will it still be on the CD also or will it be erased from the original disk?

It will still be on the original disc, there's nothing to worry about :)Another:When you upload music from a CD your computer makes a copy of the files on the CD and stores the copy on the hard drive. The original files on the CD are permanent and cannot be removed or deleted.

How can you copy a CD that is not a copy?

To copy a CD that is not a copy you can get a RW CD. This is a CD that can have things copied onto it.

Can you copy from flash drive stick to CD?

Of course! put both in the PC and drag files from the flash drive to the CD and then burn

How do you copy DVD files from computer to conventional CD?

If you have multiple files on the DVD, copy it to the hard drive and fit what you can on each CD marking where you left off in the files. If it's a single file, or a DVD movie or something, it's a lot more difficult. You'll need a file splitter.

How do you put music CD onto a USB portable flash drive?

Copy the files from the CD to the USB flash. These files should be in .mp3 or .wma type, to be played by almost everything.

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