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you can cover one eye for 30 minutes and then cover the other eye for 30 minutes do it as often as you can it helps strenghtens your eyes

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Q: How can you correct your vision without lasik or glasses?
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How much is lasik vision and what are the benefits?

Lasik vision is eye surgery that changes the shape of your eye to improve vision. The major benefit is the freedom of no longer needing to wear eye glasses or use contacts. In fact, in most cases Lasik surgery will improve your vision better than eye glasses will.

What kinds of problems does Lasik eye surgery help?

Lasik eye surgery is intended to correct people's vision. It is a surgical procedure that consists of shooting a laser into the eye to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness; many people choose this option so they do not have to buy contact lenses or prescription glasses. Lasik reshapes the cornea.

Can a vision can be totally regained by laser lasik?

LASIK is a surgical procedure where the front of the eye is permanently reshaped to focus light properly on the retinal photo-receptors in the back of the eye. It sends sharply focused light to the nerve layer. This information must then be carried by electrical signals to the brain for processing and ultimately vision. If there are problems behind the cornea anywhere in the visual system, then LASIK will not restore vision. For instance in the case of a clouded lens within the eye, or a damaged retina in the back of the eye, the signal will be blocked and no useful vision will result.LASIK replaces the vision from a misshaped eye, but cannot regain vision if contact lenses or glasses will not regain the vision. Some people have very bad vision without their glasses or contacts, and in these cases LASIK can regain the vision that they once had at an early age. This is different from the case described above.

What are some benefits of eye lasik?

Lasik can correct vision problems so the user does not need to wear glasses or contact lens any more. This can save a lot of money over time.You are at a less at risk for infection when you no longer need contacts.

What eye conditions does lasik eye surgery correct?

Lasik eye surgery will correct most sight problems. If you have glacoma or an astigmatism the lasik eye surgery cannot be performed. If, however, you have near or far sightedness, this surgery will correct you vision to 20/20.

What is one risk of having lasik eye surgery?

One risk of lasik eye surgery is that the patient may not achieve perfect vision even after the procedure. While in most cases lasik helps correct the eyesight of the patient, even after treatment additional curse may be necessary such as contact lenses or glasses.

What does LASIK laser surgery correct?

LASIK surgery is a laser eye surgery that can correct astigmatism, myopia, and hypermetropia. This surgery also makes a persons eyesight generally better. LASIK normally provides a permanent alternative to glasses or contacts.

What is lasik eye surgery?

It is laser eye procedure which is useful to correct vision problems.

Can lasik surgery correct both nearsightedness and presbyopia in the same patient?

Lasik surgery is advised around the age of 20 ; by that age, the power stabilises. After Lasik, the remaining power is given in glasses. Never expect 100% correction by Lasik. The problem of presbyopia starts around 40 and one has to wear glasses. New types of operations are now done to correct correct presbyopia.

Does lasik surgery only cure distance?

No. LASIK is routinely performed on individuals who are nearsighted, farsighted, and have astigmatism. For those patients who are approaching middle age and are noticing a change in their near vision (needing over-the-counter or prescription reading glasses), having LASIK will not correct their near vision. There is a modification we can make to the LASIK procedure called monovision which does allow them to see well up close in one eye and see well far away in the other. Hope that helps!

What are the benefits of LASIK laser eye surgery?

The benefits of LASIK laser eye surgery are that they correct the vision. Around 90% of patients will have their desired vision after LASIK. An enhancement can further increase the number. It is also associated with very less pain. After surgery, patients can recover quickly and easily. Also there is no need for bandages or stitches. Also no need to wear glasses. Many patient experiences that their vision is corrected almost immediately after surgery or a day after surgery.

Where can someone find information about Lasik Vision Center?

You can find more information out about the LASIK Vision Center at the LASIK Vision Institute website. You can also contact them by phone at (603) 501-5000.

What is the cost for LASIK eye surgery?

Having LASIK eye surgery can help improve and correct ones vision. The costs associated with LASIK eye surgery in Canada can start at approximately $490 per eye.

Can you see well enough after LASIK to drive a car - without contact lenses or glasses?

If a patient is a candidate for LASIK, then they almost always will see well enough to drive without glasses or contacts afterwards with a few exceptions.To begin with the person must be capable of normal vision prior to the LASIK procedure in both eyes and be fully correctable with glasses or contact lenses. Second, the night vision might not be as good after LASIK as with conventional correction, but with the newer treatments night vision is rarely a problem.Most States require a minimum of 20/40 vision to drive without correction. If you were to examine the FDA approval statistics for most lasers they report that almost 100% of patients achieve this goal. Many patients do not feel comfortable driving with 20/40 vision and the percentage of 20/20 or close to that becomes an important consideration for where an individual feels that they can see well enough to drive. In general, the chances of achieving 20/20 vision are around 90% or better so it is highly likely that the vision would be suitable for driving. In fact many pilots fly aircraft with the vision that they achieve with LASIK surgery.There can be other issues such as glare, halos, light sensitivity, etc, but in general most everyone who has LASIK is able to drive without correction. Many patients can drive the day after their procedure, but for some it takes a couple of days.

How good is LASIK surgery?

After LASIK, most patients are able to see well enough to pass a driver's license exam without glasses or contact lenses.

What does wearing glasses have in common with laser surgery as a method for correcting vision problems?

Glasses prescription is the basis for laser vision correction. It is the glasses spectacle correction which is entered into the laser to do the procedure. Newer procedures also use wavefront data or do a wavefront optimized approach. Glasses cause some distortion of the vision both by the reflections from them as well as optically they distort the view of the world and limit peripheral vision. LASIK provides vision more like that of contact lenses.

Does lasik eye surgery really work?

It works! After Lasik surgery, Vision is corrected almost immediately or by the day after Lasik.

Which profession is it that performs lasik vision correction?

The profession that performs Lasik vision correction is an ophthalmologist. An eye surgeon is an ophthalmologist that can guide a laser through the process of correcting vision.

What kinds of treatments does Lasik Vision provide?

Lasik Vision (also known as laser eye surgery) is a correction of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Lasik Surgery is performed bu an ophthalmologist who uses a laser to reshape the eye's cornea to improve vision.

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Glasses are an age old remedy and readily available pretty much anywhere on earth. Lasik surgery can correct a number of maladies commonly associated with poor vision.

Will lasik work if I need glasses for near-sightedness and reading?

From this question, it seems that you are probably over 40 years old and you are currently in bifocals for near vision with nearsighted correction for distance on the top part of your glasses. We see many patients with this situation and LASIK can work for you, and here is how.First of all, the LASIK can correct the vision for the distance vision assuming that you are otherwise a candidate for this procedure. It can correct fairly large amounts of nearsightedness as well as astigmatism. This solves your distance vision issue, but not the near vision.For near vision you would have a choice of either getting some "over the counter" type reading glasses, or you could have one eye purposely undercorrected for monovision. In monovision one eye is focused for distance whereas the other for near. Many have worn contact lenses with this configuration successfully and it works for a lot of people with LASIK but a word of caution.Not everyone like monovision. It can reduce the depth perception, and for people who critically need sharp distance vision may not be ideal. You should try this with simulation by contact lenses or glasses before making this a permanent change. The other option is to have what is known as modified monovision, and here the one eye is left less nearsighted which makes this an easier transition. The downside is that you would still need some glasses for reading smaller print. Your doctor can review these different options with you and help you to pick out which if any type of monovision would work for you.We see many patients over the age of 40 who are extremely happy with their LASIK correction. Many do not mind reading glasses alone, and some are pleased with monovision. It really depends on how nearsighted you are to begin with. In general if you are very dependent on glasses, you will appreciate this, but if you can take your glasses off and read well, you might not be a good candidate.

What is corrected with lasik eye surgery?

Vision is corrected almost immediately or by the day after lasik surgery.

How do you get rid of wearing glasses?

Some people who need vision assistance opt to wear contacts instead of eye glasses. To get rid of corrective lens altogether, Lasik eye surgery is an option for some people.

What are the advantages of IntraLase Lasik compared to Traditional Lasik?

The benefits of IntraLase Lasik is it's suppose to give better vision. Patients where tested in each eye and the preferred IntraLase Lasik over Traditional Lasik.

Get Good Results with LASIK ?

LASIK, which is an acronym for a laser surgery designed for the cornea, is a quick and fast way to improve vision without resorting to glasses or contact lenses. LASIK surgery should and is performed by an ophthalmologist, a medical doctor that has been trained for eye problems, both medical and surgical, through a 4 year residency program. Cornea specialist are ophthalmologists that have elected to do another year of training specifically for surgeries like LASIK. If you want good results with LASIK, let an ophthalmologist help you, especially a cornea specialist.