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Start up the game as usual and go to band tour when it gets to the screen to select the characters, go to the one that reads "create new". If you are just starting you will have a limited amount of money to costumize the character.

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Can you make your own character in rock band 3?

yes u can

Can you make your Own rock band songs?


Can you put your own music on rock band for xbox 360?


Can you costomize your own video game?

Yes,if you have the proper tools,also you can edit games with a gameshark

Can a Guitar Hero guitar work for a rock band game?

On the Xbox 360 the Guitar Hero controller will work with Rock Band though without the effect switch feature. The Rock Band guitar only works with Rock Band. On the PS3 the guitars only work with their own games.

Can you play your own songs on guitar on Rock Band?

Both Guitar Hero: World Tour,GH5, and Rock Band 2 have song creation tools.

Do you need rock band two to play rock band three?

No it's not nessicary but it will improve your song library if you own the wii, xbox 360, or the ps3

What is the difference between rock band and guitar hero?

There's not too big of a difference, but, "Guitar Hero" lets you customize your own character, when "Rockband" does not. I personally like "Rockband" better.

How do you add your own songs to rock band 2 on Playstation 2?

You can't

Do rock bands write there own lyrics?

If they are a good rock band, like Green Day, then yes. Yes they do.

Which is better Rock Band or Guitar Hero?

I have played both games and I own both Guitar Hero was the first to do musical gaming but Rock Band was the first to do full band play. I cant answer this question for you you will just have to try them both and make your own decision. Also try games such as Rock Revolution and Frets on Fire.

Did Nickelback start as a christian band?

No, they were originally a cover band. Then Chad decided to write his own music and have always been rock.

Is the song Timmy and the lords of the underworld available for Rockband2?

Yes it is. However, you have to own Rock Band 1 in order to export it into Rock Band 2. Importing almost all Songs from Rock band 1 will cost you only 400 MS Points or 5 Dollars / Euro, dpending on the system you use. To answer the question precisely: No, Timmy & the Lords of the underworld is not featured in Rock Band 2, but in Rock Band 1.

Can you upload your own songs on rock band 4 360?

I believe there is a program you can get for your computer that lets you make your own songs

What was the first all-girl rock band to write their own songs and play their own instruments?

The Go-Gos

What band rolled out their own brand of rock during their first public appearance?

the rolling stones

Can you play on your own in green day rock band?

Yes most achievements are single player

What do people think of the band kiss?

Everyone has their own opinions,but the majority of rock lovers love it!

Can you use a Guitar Hero guitar in rock band?

No, it is not a real guitar, and makes no sound of its own.

Can you make your own songs on Rock Band the video game?

Actually yes. There is this program in the Rock Band Music Store called Audition Mode. You put in an mp3 of a song, make your own chart for drums, guitar, bass, or microphone, and put it in your setlist.

Why does rock band rule so much?

Rock Band rules so much because of the fact that it can keep a group of people entertain for quite a while. It is also a lot of fun, and allows for you and your friend to fell like you are in a real rock band!! Also, you can use the online play and play Rock Band with people from across the country. Another great thing about Rock Band is the fact that it's not only a guitar. You also get drums and a micro phone. It's like having a Rock Band in the comfort of your own home!! :)

How do I get 21 Guns and East Jesus Nowhere and Know Your Enemy and Last of The American Girls and Viva La Gloria and Christians Inferno in Green Day Rock Band without getting Rock Band 1 or 2?

You buy them online. You don't have to own rock band 1 or 2 to do this.

How do you make your own drum set?

First get a pair of drum sticks from rock band or something, then get a bucket and some containers, put beads in them and rock out!

What others songs sound like Bostons Rock and Roll Band the very first notes with the Hard rock guitar sound?

One of Boston's own follow-up songs is almost a retread of "Rock and Roll Band," especially that opening lick.

What is the best rock band 2011?

I Think its Blink 182 because Mark had he's own tv show on Fuse and they are on tour and they have got their new ablum and i think its really good and that they are the best rock band for 2011.

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