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How can you create a watering system using your backwash discharge through inch and a half PVC for landscaping or other uses?


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\Interesting! I assume you would want to kill your grass and flowers with clorinated water?? The grass in the area where I backwash has always grown extremely well. My young oak trees thrived when I backwashed onto their roots. I wouldn't attempt it on my landscaping, though. Even the hardy silver dust plants I had in nearby pots couldn't survive being splashed by the chlorinated water.


A further situation would be of hydraulics. How far do you intend to pump the water thru the pipes. Unless you have an extreme outfall or drop in elevation at the end of the pipe your pump may not be able to withstand the demand. or back pressure.



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Should have backwash mode that valve must be turned to open. Open backwash valve for 1 min. then turn back to filter pump for 30 seconds. DO THIS 5 TIMES!!! Then put it new D.E. through skimmer slowly so it does not clump too much.

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