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Plan Your DayArrive just before the park opens, and ride the most popular attractions early in the day or use the FastPass sytem. This system allows you to get a "virtual place in line" so that you can go do other attractions while waiting for your turn.

You can also reduce the time spent waiting in line by going to Disney World during less-crowded seasons. During the busiest times of the year (holidays and summer), you will spend some time waiting in line, no matter how hard you try to avoid it!

Stay in a WDW resort hotel so that you can take advantage of Extra Magic Hours. WDW resort guests can enter the park an hour early or stay an extra three hours at one or more parks each day. These times are generally less crowded and the lines may be shorter.

Some Rides, usually the most popular have Single Rider Lines, but your party will be split up but you go to the front of the line. Lets say there is a ride vehicle with six seats but a family of five is on it. They will put you in the empty seat. The only down turn is you might have to wait for your party for a little bit longer to finish, but single rider lines usually go fast. This is great for families with teenagers.

More advice from FAQ Farmers:

  • Arrive very early - at least 30 to 45 minutes before the gate opens. Often, you'll luck out and be admitted early. Once you're in a park, make a bee-line for the most popular attractions, and ride them once or twice before there are lines. Toward mid-morning,when crowds start to build, if you have a choice, always go to your left. Most people are right handed, and will choose the right side in any fork in the road. So, for example, rides to the right of the main gate are mobbed shortly after opening, while rides to the left don't get busy until noon. (This technique works at almost all amusement parks, not just Disney.)

Also, take advantage of the child swap. The child swap pass is generally valid for you and up to three other people in your party and it put you in the fast pass entrance of the attraction. In addition, I obtain a fast pass the rides that do not offer child swap so that I do not wait in any lines all day regardless of season.

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Q: How can you cut Walt Disney World waiting time?
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