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How can you delete a page on Piczo?

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βˆ™ 2008-06-11 23:12:03

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When your on it go to the little tab on the top that says organizer. Then go to pages. Click on one of the pages you want to delete (you will have to give a password)

2008-06-11 23:12:03
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How do you delete a page on Piczo?

Go to organizer, then click on the page you want to delete. On the right hand side there should be a row of bars and one of them says delete. Click on it. Then enter your password and OK and it should be deleted.

How do you add a theme to your piczo?

You can choose your Piczo page theme when you add new page.

How can you delete your piczo site on the new piczo?

i found that you can't so i randomly changed my password so out of site out of mind and they might delete it after

Edit enter page on piczo?

You can only edit your enter page from the page editor where you get a drop down of your pages and in the organizer. You just can't access it via the piczo home page.

How do you delete people off your friends list on a piczo site?

On your Piczo site you can delete a friends link under 'your friend's sites' using these steps: first, Log in Secondly, make sure your on page editor by clicking on it at the top. Thirdly, click 'member hub' at the top of the page. Fourthly, click on 'my friends', under the title 'My Piczo Friends' Finally, click remove next to the site you no longer want connected to yours. hope u find this useful, Georgie, 14

What is a hit on Piczo?

Hit on Piczo is how many times your Piczo page was viewed, for example how many times each visitor viewed your pages. and "visits" on Piczo is how many different visitor has your site :)

How many visits for Silver Member 4 beads in piczo?

You can find this answer on your own. On the piczo home page [when logged in] scroll down to just below your page list. It says My Rank. You will see a link that says "How do I increase piczo rank?" Click on that and you will get redirected to a page created by the piczo staff that has all of the visits required to reach each rank.

What is a good welcome on your piczo enter page?

"Welcome To My Piczo Site, I Hope You Enjoy It!" From Stevie @ "Welcome To My Piczo Site, I Hope You Enjoy It!" From Stevie @

How do you get hits on your piczo website?

People have to visit you page by keo28

How can you delete your piczo site?


How do you delete you facebook page?

Edit Page > Manage Permissions > Delete Page

How do you make a page?

If you mean by on piczo, then you go to the place on your home page saying stuff like about me and my photos. Now look to the bottom of it, and it will say something like add new page. Well, click on that! My piczo site is called random my stuff

How do you delete your page on deviantart?

You can't delete your deviantART page.

How do you delete a Facebook page?

To delete your Facebook page choose edit page from the top of your page. Next choose edit setting and finally choose delete page.

How do you delete a piczo account?

i don't think u can but if u didn't delete the activation e-mail cheak it and see if it says cancel account

Does piczo have celebrities?

Yes! Lots of celebs! A lot of them get featured on the home page.

How do you get your text to link onto a different page on Piczo?

i think its HTML codes

How do you delete pages from facebook?

edit page > manage permissions > delete page

How do you delete community page in Facebook?


How do you delete a page on Microsoft?

File, Open, find the page you want to delete, right click, delete, yes

On piczo how do you get one of those page drop arrows which takes you to other pages?

its easy

Where is the delete button on the webscom page?

Log onto the website. Go onto the page you want to delete Click page options At the bottom there is something that says 'delete page'. Click on it.

How do you delete the second page in Word?

Select all the text in it and press delete. You may also want to delete a page break at the end of page 1.

How do you add video to your piczo?

There are two ways to add a video to your piczo page that I am aware of. The first is using the video tool that piczo already has in the new toolbar. I, personally, don't use this method, but you can try it if you wish. The second is using If you go on a page with a video on it, there should be a box near the actual video where the user's name and profile picture (etc.) are displayed. On this box, there is a bar with an HTML in it. If you copy this HTML and put it in an HTML box on Piczo, you should be able to get the video on your page, unless there is something wrong with the HTML.

How do you delete a page break?

delete key