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Depends on what object that serial number was ON. You need to be more specific in your question.

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Q: How can you determine if a serial number ever existed?
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What age is my piano the serial number is 15090 and it is a Krell brand?

Did you ever determine the age of your piano and possible value? I have a Krell player piano with a serial number close to yours - 14489. Thanks.

How much is a silver 5 dollar bill worth serial A48700649A?

Please post a new question with different information. A bill's serial number hardly ever helps to ID it or determine its value. You'll need to supply the bill's date and what letter, if any, appears next to the date.

How much is a 1909 Webster piano worth serial 15501?

Did you ever determine your value? We have one approximately the same age. Thanks

Did the Winchester Model 55 in 30-30 Lever Action ever have a 7 digit serial number?

Yes they did. The late production Model 55s were serial numbered in the Model 94 serial range starting in March of 1928, at circa serial number 1019700.

When was a colt revolver serial number 89556 produced?

Without a detailed description, someone would have to research every serial number of every model of revolver Colt ever made.

Is it illegal to remove a firearms serial number?

Absolutely! There is no valid reason to ever do so.

Did Ithaca ever manufacture 1911 .45 acp handguns without serial numbers?

No, all 45's made during WW2 were given a serial number. If yours does not have a serial number, thenm someone removed it. If no serial number, by law it is an illegal hand gun. however, the parts can be sold separate. which is legal, but not the frame......

What feature makes all bank notes different?

Generally speaking, the thing that makes all bank notes different is the serial number. Each serial number is only used once, and to further make it individualized, the serial number is combined with a letter (or letters) ensuring that no two bank notes will ever have exactly the same serial numbers.

Did Winchester ever make a model 37 shotgun with no serial number?

Made from 1936-1963. Serial numbers were not required until 1968, so, yes.

How long have koalas existed?

Without written records, there is no way to determine when koalas first appeared. However, they were certainly on the Australian continent long before white man ever arrived.

What was the manufacture date for shotgun with serial number 170559?

To answer your question would require getting all the serial number records for all the makers that ever made any shotgun. If you provide the maker and model number, someone might be able to answer itl.

How can I check the serial number of a gun?

J. Stevens 22 cal. # A320What are you checking for? There are lists for many models that will determine the date of manufacture, but a lot of older guns are not even serialized and some companies' records were not kept. If the gun has ever been reported stolen, the police may have the serial number in their files.

Where are the serial numbers on a STEVENS 325-a bolt action rifle and how do you determine its value and age?

You may not HAVE a serial number. They were not required on rifles and shotguns until the 1968 Gun Control Act. I collect Mossbergs and Remingtons made in the 40s and 50s, and none have ever had a serial number. As far as age, some guns can only be dated to the range of years they were made. Value is driven by condition- you can check some of the on-line gun auction sites, such as gunbroker or auctionarms, and check COMPLETED auctions for rifles similar to yours.

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The absolute value of a number is the distance to zero. When adding which ever number has the greater absolute value will determine the sign of the answer.

Do you think vampires might ever have existed?

Vampires, as depicted in movies have never existed

What is history of Remington model 11 serial number 100542?

Made 1911, that's about all your ever know...

What is the age of a Smith and Wesson pistol with serial number 3K60102?

I don't recall Will Smith ever making a pistol.

How do you find serial number or model number on a women Remington 22 LR only?

Unsure of your description- am not aware that Remington ever made a woman's rifle. The model number is usually marked on the barrel. Serial numbers, IF ANY, are on the frame. Serial numbers were not required until the 1968 Gun Control Act- I have several Remington 22 rifles that have never HAD a serial number. Remington rifles, BTW, are dated not from the serial number, but a 2 or 3 LETTER code stamped on the barrel. Left side, about a half inch from the receiver.

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What is your inland arms m1 carbine worth?

It would depend on the serial number, if all the parts are original, if it is in bad condition and if it has ever been restored. If you repost the question with the serial number of the gun, if it is beat up or not and if it was restored I will give you a good estimate.