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How can you determine the age of a gun?


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Age of a GunFirst you have to know what you have. There are published serial number lists for some manufacturers. Others marked their guns with a date code and some of these codes are available but others are not. And many of the old companies had no method of identifying the date of manufacture. So, some guns can be precicely dated while for others you may have to be content to know the range of years during which the model was manufactured or when the company existed.

Depends on the gun.

Some guns have the year stamped on them.

Some guns may be identified by the serial number.

Some guns can be dated by particular features they have.

Some guns cannot be dated any more accurately than the nearest decade.


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The model number of the gun and make along with the serial number usually will determine the age of a gun.

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You are going to have to identify the model number to determine the age. Take the gun to a gun shop or gun smith for assistance.

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By the features and serial number. Blue Book of Gun Values has sn data.

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The age of a gun will depend on what kind of gun it is. If you are unable to identify the gun, take it to a gunsmith or gun collector for an appraisal.

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