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Age of a GunFirst you have to know what you have. There are published serial number lists for some manufacturers. Others marked their guns with a date code and some of these codes are available but others are not. And many of the old companies had no method of identifying the date of manufacture. So, some guns can be precicely dated while for others you may have to be content to know the range of years during which the model was manufactured or when the company existed.

Depends on the gun.

Some guns have the year stamped on them.

Some guns may be identified by the serial number.

Some guns can be dated by particular features they have.

Some guns cannot be dated any more accurately than the nearest decade.

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Q: How can you determine the age of a gun?
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How can you tell how old a gun is?

The model number of the gun and make along with the serial number usually will determine the age of a gun.

What is the age of a Browning serial 96991 that has an M an O and a P in a triangle above the serial when the gun is apart and no model number?

You are going to have to identify the model number to determine the age. Take the gun to a gun shop or gun smith for assistance.

Where do you find a list of serial numbers for SKB shotguns to determine age?

Try Blue Book of Gun Values

How do you determine the age of a Winchester 94?

By the features and serial number. Blue Book of Gun Values has sn data.

Age of a gun?

The age of a gun will depend on what kind of gun it is. If you are unable to identify the gun, take it to a gunsmith or gun collector for an appraisal.

Franklin pellet gun 177. What is it's age and where can I purchase pellets?

You can purchase .177 pellets at most any sporting goods stores. "Big 5,"' Dicks" or Wallmart just to name a few. As for the age of the Pellet gun you will have to give more information about the "GUN" (It not a rifle?) to determine the age. If you are asking about the model 177 then it was made between 1935-41

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Could someone please help determine the age of a Browning 16ga automatic A5 Serial number 8R 15043?

The gun was made in 1958

How do you find the age of a Western Field 22 that has no model number on it?

I would start with a Gun Values book and try to match the gun to the pictures and figure out what the gun really is (since Western Field didn't make any guns, but bought them from several different manufacturers). Once I knew what the gun was, it is an easier task to determine the years in which that gun was manufactured. You will likely not be able to determine the exact year of manufacture unless you can access the Western Field data base.

What age can you shoot a gun in Tn?

There is no legal age to be able to shoot a gun but the age statue varies from state to state as to what age it can be done unsupervised.

Relative age is used to determine what?

Relative age is used to determine the age and how old a geological feature or fossil.

What is the age and value of Belgium made Browning 30-06 serial 3L19740 New condition?

Can't determine model to help you date the gun. Use the link below. Value is too difficult to be accurate without seeing the gun. Condition which includes the amount of original finish and original configuration will determine value. Recommend taking it to a gun shop for appraisal.

How do scientist determine the age of the solar system?

They determine the age by, Radiometric dating of meteorites

What is the age and value of a savage model number 99. 303 caliber rifle?

You have a fine gun. Condition, condition, condition. Used condition is fine. Abused condition is NOT fine. In reasonable condition this gun should fetch as least $500. Age is unimportant as to value with this gun. You'll require the serial # and a reference book to determine year of manufacture.

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What do you think of raising the age to shoot a gun to age 18?

I think that it is not how old you are to shoot a gun it is the experience that you have with one.

What is the age and value of a Browning 6 mm 35?

Value is too difficult to be accurate without seeing the gun. Condition which includes the amount of original finish and original configuration will determine value. Recommend taking it to a gun shop for appraisal.

Value of gun?

The Value of a gun is determined by it's age, make, condition of the gun and how desirable it is.

What age can you get a gun?

18 years old you can get a gun !!! But you should get a pistol before any gun !!!

What is the legal age to purchase a gun in Texas?

Hand gun - 21; long gun - 18

How does a geologist determine absolute age?

Geologists determine absolute age of rocks by using radioactive dating.

What do paleontologist use to determine the age of rocks?

Paleontologists use radioactive dating to determine the age of rocks.

11143 S3 browning shot gun gun age?


Can you find the value of a Winchester 94 using its serial number?

You can determine the age. Often you can find the configuration of the gun by ordering a letter for its serial number from the Winchester Museum ($55), but it is cheaper and easier to determine this by looking at the gun. And one of the most important factors affecting the value of a gun or any other used object is the condition. The serial number does not tell you if it is in like new condition or broken and rusty. You can, however, detrermine the age by going to the following site and entering the serial number.

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