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The first thing I would try is Moth Balls. They are cheap and effective against alot of insects. *Be careful with the mothballs the fumes are hazardous/toxic. Read the label. Don't just throw them in your attic/crawlspace. Place them in a few buckets/small cardcoard boxes or something for easy removal once they have done their job.

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Q: How can you discourage bees from building nests in your house or cars?
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Where do Bumble Bees make their nests?

Bumble bees make underground nests.

What keeps bees from making nests?

Nature. Bees are insects. Birds make nests.

Do honey bees live underground?

Honey bees do not live underground. They build their nests in trees or in holes in walls. Mining bees build their nests underground. Mining bees do not produce honey.

Can bees have hives in the ground?

Yes, ground bees have their nests in the ground.

Where do bumble bees live?

Bumble bees live in small nests.

Are bees nests called hives?


How do honey bees make their nests?


Where do bees build there nests?

Mostly in trees (killer bees). But most of them live in beehives.

Do honey bees build nests or just hornets?

honey bees build their hornets

How do bees build their nests?

They chew up plant matter and make it into a paste, from which they build their nests.

Where do sand bees keep there nests?

How to Kill Sand Bees. Sand bees or ground bees burrow down into the soil to build their hives.

Is there an animal that eats ground bees or their nests?


Do yellow jackets and wasps cause damage to wooden house siding?

There are many types of bees that can cause damage to wooden house siding. Yellow jackets, bumble bees, honey bees, and European wasps are among the many variety of bees that will burrow into the wooden siding and build their nests in the walls of your home or other buildings.

Can a bee move their nest?

No, bees will relocate and rebuild their nests.

What are the signs there are bees in your home?

You hear buzzing and see nests

Where do hornets live?

Hornet bees live in the woods in big nests.

What are miner bees?

a bee that digs dirt and makes nests in dirt.

Where does hornet live?

Hornets build nests (or hives) similar to bees.

Why do some bees and wasps have nests underground?

Because they can have their nests underground. Just kidding. Bees and wasps have nests underground, so their hives above ground won't get ruined. See? I am a scientist.A of a circle= pi r2E=mc2Water=H2OCOOK'S TREE SERVICE

What you call the house of the bees?

the house of the bees is called a hive.

Do honey bees endanger trees with their nests?

no, they won't normally hurt a tree

What do bees do during the fall?

I would think they just stay in their nests and work.

When do bees make their nests?

Honey bees maintain a nest all year round. Most swarms emerge during the first half of the summer when it is warm enougher to found new nests. Other bees - like bumble bees - generally begin nesting from spring onwards. It varies according to the variety or sub-species.

Where do bees make their nests?

The honey bees that we have in the UK would, in the absence of the hives humans provide, make their nests in hollow trees or buildings. In fact anywhere that they might hang some comb from would suit the bees. Other bees burrow down into the ground, under rocks, in piles of grass or leaves - all sorts of places.

How do these bees get and eat their food?

Bees collect pollen and nactar from plants and store it in their nests. Later the food is eaten if conditions turn worse.