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A 1996 Neon uses the 3sp auto transmission.This transmission does NOT use an electronic control device.It has an internal govenor.

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Where do you find the blower motor relay on a 1996 Plymouth Voyager?

Where do you find the blower motor relay on a 1996 Plymouth Voyager?

Can a 1995 dodge neon engine fit into a 1999 Plymouth neon?

biggest problem you might have is the head type. If the 99 head is a SOHC, and the 95 is DOHC, you will need a DOHC hood. I would try and find a newer motor if you can. There were alot of small changes that were made between 95 and 97 that would make this swap rather frustrating.Type your answer here...

Where can you find a headlight wiring schematic for a 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager?


Where can you find pictures for a front axle on a 1996 dodge neon?

Can you show me pictures on a dodge neon 1998 on how to remove and replace a front axle.

Where can you find a photo of a oil pressure sensor on a 1999 dodge neon SOHC 2 liter?

Try link below and scroll down about halfway through the pictures.

Electrical connectors to a double fan on a 99 Plymouth neon?

I cant find where they all plug in at please if someone can answer this quickly please do

What cam is in a 2.0L neon dodge?

There are two types of cams the Dodge Neon could have, the DOHC (Double OverHead Cam) and SOHC (Single OverHead Cam) for the 2.0L engine. A Google search or a call to Dodge is needed to find out for sure.

How to find heater core in 1996 dodge neon?

under the dash, behind the glove compartment

Can't find voltage regulator on 1996 dodge neon?

The engine computer is the voltage regulator.

How do you fix connection between manual key set lock cylinder and connecting rod to inside lock switch on a 2001 Dodge Neon?

trying to find out how to remove the door panel on a 2001 Plymouth neon.

If it does not say dohc or sohc how can you tell if it is a sohc or a dohc?

i cant tell how to find out its a eci 3000

What is the gap measurement for a 1996 dodge neon you cannot find it in the manual?

According to the service manual for the 99 neon (which is the same generation and the same engine) the gap should be set at 0.033 to 0.038.

Does neon have allotropes?

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Is neon hard to find?

Neon is an incredibly hard to find element. Neon was once used in old signs but has since been replaced.

Does the 1998 Plymouth neon have a 420a motor in it?

some do, it depends on your vin. better way to find out is look on the sticker under the hood should have a motor spec. and it should say right there

Where do you find neon in earth?

Neon is a noble gas.It is in atmosphere.

Is neon a mixture?

Neon is an element, meaning it is not a mixture. Find Neon in the periodic table of elements.

Where can you find step by step instructions for inspecting and replacing a head gasket in a '95 Plymouth Neon?

Hey Jeremiah==Get a shop manual on your car at the local parts store or from MOTORLIT.COM. GoodluckJoe

Your 1998 Plymouth neon has a vacuum leak how do you find out where the leak is coming from?

Start the engine and use a can of WD40 to spray any suspected hose. When you hear the engine change RPMs, you have found a leak.

Why a 1996 dodge neon fuel system running lean?

Have The Codes Downloaded From The Computer, Your Mechanic Will Probably Find One Or More Sensors Bad.

Is it possible to swap a 99 neon DOHC into a 95 neon SOHC?

Yes without a doubt its actually a pretty common swap the best way to do it is find a junkyard car with the motor you want so you can take all the mounts the computer and harness bascially everying under the hood. take a look on in the forum for more help.

Do you find neon in popcorn?


Where can you find neon stuff?

it depends. you can find lots of neon clothes at justice , but if you want accesories, try target.:)

Where can you find a diagram for the fuse box and fuse listings for a 1987 Plymouth Neon?

The fuses are listed on the cover of the fuse box. If you need a schematic or wiring diagram you will probably have to buy a service/repair manual.

Where can you find pictures of the wiring for a 1996 Plymouth Breeze 2.0?

i have the same car. open the hood and look on the bottom of it there should be a picture of the wire routing on it. there is on mine