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Go to you can get a lot of information about births in the USA and other countries. Answers to this question will depend on the specific date and place. For example, if the date of birth is in the early 1800s in the United States, there may be no "birth certificate" to find. On the other hand, if the date and place are such that birth records exist and have been made available to the public (perhaps on microfilm through the LDS Family History Library system) and the number of births per year in the village is small, then it might be possible to search for children with the right given name born on the right date. There may be no "birth certificate" available and you may have to rely on alternative proofs of birth. An example of such could be a baptismal certificate or record of baptism in a church registry. Another example could be a census record. It really depends on when and where you are researching since the answer varies by location and time period.

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Q: How can you find a birth certificate with only a first name and date of birth and village?
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How do you change your date of birth on your birth certificate?

To change the date of birth on your birth certificate you will have a long discussion to the court why do you want to change your birth date. There are some serious questions that you need to answer before they grant your request, because that certificate is supposed to show the actual date, not just any date you would like. Source: see related link.

People search date of person birth?

at the Birth Certificate

How do you find a birth certificate when you only have mothers name and city of birth and approximate birth date?


How do you write application to change date of birth in certificate?

how do i write application to change the date of birth

Where both her parents on the birth certificate?

both of your parents will be on your birth certificate, as will your date of birth and your christian name and your legal second name

Where can you change your age in burth certificate?

You can't change your age on your BIRTH certificate unless you can actually prove that the date on the BIRTH certificate is wrong.

How do you change the date of birth in ssc certificate?

i want to change my date of birth in my ssc certificate i want to apply the past port please accept my request

What is the date of issue on a birth certificate?

the date it was issued. If its the original copy of the certificate this is likely to be close to the date of birth but if the original was lost and another had to be ordered its the date when they sent the new one.

How can you change your date of birth?

You cannot change your date of birth as it has already happened. However, you might be able to get a fake birth certificate with a different date of birth. But, this is illegal and I strongly advise you not to do this.

What does certificate of live birth mean?

A certificate of live birth is you birth certificate that says,"So and So was born alive at Insert Time on Insert Date." ------- That is false. A Certificate of Live Birth is NOT a Birth Certificate. The data from Birth Certificates is transcribed into a computer database and COLBs are generated from that information. While COLBs are generally accepted in lieu of the BC, it is not the same thing.

How can you change your date of birth in ssc certificate?

subbu ki thelusu............................

What does birth certificate of the US mean?

A birth certificate is a legal document which lists a person's date and location of birth, the person's parents, and other relevant information (such as the exact time of birth, or the specific hospital).

What if I do not have information on parents birth date and place of birth, how do I get a passport?

You should be fine as long as you have your birth certificate and the rest of the requirements

How many times do i need to change my birth certificate?

You may NOT change the information contained on your birth certificate. It is an official record of your birth, the date it occurred, where it occurred, your sex, your birth name, and who your parent(s) of record were.

Want to find a birth certificate for a family member to obtain their date of birth?

If they are living, you cannot, they have to apply for it. If they are deceased, contact the county that the relative was born in. They will be able to provide the appropriate form to allow you to get the a birth certificate, more and more are posting the forms online. Note that the death certificate should include the birth date, though it is not always correct.

Do you have to have your birth certificate to get your navel pierced?

nope just identification (drivers license) that states your date of birth. duhhh

How do you change a typographical error on a birth certificate?

YOu have to contact the Office of vital statistics in the state where the birth certificate was issued. Depending on the error they will tell you what to do. I had a similar situation in which my husbands date of birth was wrong on our daughters birth certificate. We had to get a certified copy of my husband's birth certificate and then I had to write a letter asking for the change and it had to be notarized! It was a pain but those are the hoops we jumped through. Hope this helps!

Does the State of Hawaii have two different documents as birth records Certification of Live Birth and Certificate of Live Birth and what is the difference in the two?

In Hawaii, a Certificate of Live Birth is a long form birth certificate. The Certification of Live Birth is the short form birth certificate. The long form contains more information than the short form. The Certification is computer generated utilizing the information from the long form birth certificate. It shows the date the long form was filed. If a Certificate of Live Birth (long form) does not exist, the state of Hawaii will issue a No Record Certification. A short form birth certificate from Hawaii is acceptable proof of birth and citizenship when applying for a US passport, but a short form birth certificate from California or Texas is not.

Does it show your sign on your birth certificate?

No. Ones astrological sign based on ones date of birth has no legal, or scientific bearing.

Do you put the hospital name on the birth certificate?

Yes, you write someone's name was born on the birth date in the hospital name

Is a certification of live birth the same a birth certificate and an acceptable document for employment elegibility verification?

No. A Certification of Live Birth is a short form Birth Certificate. Depending on the state it may say different things but one from Hawaii will say the name, date of birth, hour of birth, sex, city, town or location of birth, island of birth, county of birth, mother's maiden name, mother's race, father's name, father's race, date accepted by registrar, a certificate number and seal. The seal may be different depending on the year it was printed. A Birth Certificate, or Certificate of life Birth has many more things on it. Which includes signatures, doctor(s), witnesses, and the SSN. Some employers may or may not accept a short from Birth Certificate, some may not even ask for one, depends how lucky you are ;-)

What is the date of the first farming village in Egypt?

2650 b.C.

Tel me my date of birth in roman numerals?

First, you need to give a date of birth

If mother remarries and stepfather adopts the child and they change the name on the birth certificate can they also change the date of birth?

No, that is simply silly

How do scientists know how old they are?

Their parents probably would have told them when they were born, and most scientists have a birth certificate that has recorded their date of birth.