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How can you find a good psychiatrist who is familiar with Adult ADD?


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2007-03-22 09:17:10
2007-03-22 09:17:10

A great person to ask would be your doctor. Also I would ask some of my friends to recommend someone. If you don't feel comfortable about asking for yourself say you are inquiring to help out a friend. Good Luck!!


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You can find a good psychiatrist for a teenage girl by asking her doctor for recommendations. You can ask her school guidance or friends and family for suggestions as well.

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A familiar is most commonly an animal that helps you on your magical journeys. They help you find items, help you cast spells, are good friends, and so much more!

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Psychiatrists generally prescribed medications and monitor the patient's progress with those meds. Most psychiatrists refer counseling to clinical social workers. With regard to medication, you must be comfortable with the psychiatrist and happy with the manner in which the two of you communicate. A "good" psychiatrist is one that gets you where you want to go with regard to your mental health. You have to set those standards.

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