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One can find more information about thorium by going to their local library. One can also find more information online on sites such as EPA and Forbes.

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Q: How can you find more information about thorium?
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Where do you find Thorium Chloride?

Where do you find thorium chloride and what are its properties

Where is can you find thorium?

The common minerals of thorium are: monazite, thorianite, thorite.

What is the common compound of thorium?

Common compounds of thorium: thorium dioxide, thorium trifluoride, thorium tetrafluoride, thorium tetrachloride, thorium triiodide, thorium diiodide, thorium tetraiodide, thorium nitrate, thorium oxalate, thorium carbide, thorium sulfides, thorium nitride, thorium oxinate, etc.

Why thorium is not used as fuel in nuclear reactors?

Thorium is and can be used as a fuel in nuclear reactors. It just happens to be not fissile, so it needs a neutron flux to create Uranium-233, which is fissile. There are pros and cons of using Thorium. For more information, please see the Related Link below.

How many more neutrons does thorium 230 have then electrons?

Thorium 230 has 90 electrons and 140 neutrons.

Which is the ore of thorium?

Some thorium minerals are: monazite, thorianite, thorite. For more details see the link below.

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To find out more information about CHDK, it is advised to surf the web or do some research to find out what it is or where to find out more information about it.

Common commpouds of thorium?

Hazards and Health Considerations: Thorium presents both a toxic and radiological hazard. Toxicologically, it causes heavy metal poisoning similar to lead or the uranium isotopes. Biologically, thorium accumulates in the skeletal system where it has a biological half-life of 200 years, the same as plutonium. An M 17 protective mask and standard anti-contamination clothing will adequately protect against thorium.

What chemicals are in thorium fluoride?

Thorium and fluorine Thorium trifluoride - ThF3 Thorium tetrafluoride - ThF4

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Where can you find polonium?

Natural polonium exist in uranium or thorium ores.

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