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How can you find out how much your football card is worth?


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what i do is go to a card shop and ask it always works! ;)


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i have a Michael Cobb football card signed what is it worth

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Robin Earl was a professional football player who played in the National Football League. His autographed card is worth $25 as of 2013.

depends what brand made it, what year it was made and if it is limited edition, but usually football cards arent worth much

The worth of a John Elway football card depends on the card, the year, the amount of cards made and other factors. They are ranging in price from 40 dollars way up into the thousands for one card.

Most of the football cards are worth a price between $5 and $10. If the card is autographed, it will be worth much more.

Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan has an Upper Deck card when he was with the Texas Rangers that shows him throwing a football. Although very unique, this Nolan Ryan card is only worth about #1.

John Elway is a former professional football quarterback. The worth or value of one of his trading cards can be determined by the condition of the card as well as supply and demand. A sports card dealer can give an appraisal to you as to how much it is worth.

It depends on the year. An Eli Manning autographed rookie card would be worth about $50. Anything after is pretty much worthless.

i have a mewtwo & a Jiggalypuff .. did you find out how much they are worth ??

if you mean a yellow card in football, it means a warning, 2 of them and a red card is issued and throws you out of the game and the next one.

It would depend on the player and the condition of the card. It also depends on what each specific card is going for.

A 1995 Ty Law Nee England Patriots rookie card is worth about $1. Of course, valued for card collectible a can vary depending on condition.

haha its not worth a thing until he retires from the nfl otherwise its worth 10-40 dollars depending on what card you have

Well,an Art Monk rookie card could be worth 20 to 30 bucks.Just a regular Art Monk card is about 5 to 10 bucks

This card can be worth anywhere from $2.50 to around $50.00 a card. An autographed card is worth much more than a regular card.

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depends which rookie card you have (there are over 200 dallas clark 2003 rookie cards and variants).

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