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How can you find out if a deceased person had a bank account?


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try the state comproller office web site for that state


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Bank accounts do not have beneficiaries. If you are not an authorized account holder, and you would know if you are, you have not access. The estate will distribute in accordance with the will.

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The account would have become part of the estate. The executor was issued "Letters Testamentary" when they were appointed by the court. Those letters authorize the executor to withdraw the funds and close the account. Contact the bank to find the department that will assist you in closing the account. It will require certified copies of the letters from the court. The proceeds from the bank account should de distributed according to the provisions in the will.

You cannot find a specific bank with only an account number. However, you can find a bank if you have the routing number.

Yes. You can find a person from his bank account but this cannot be done by everyone. Only law enforcement authorities like cops can have access to this information. They legally have the right to get details pertaining a customer's bank account including his name, address, phone number etc. A normal customer cannot get access to this information.

An individual must first find a bank that will most be beneficial. After finding the bank, the person must fill out an application or talk to the banker. When the application is filled out, the account can be used when the banker sets up the account.

If you want to find out what is in your ex wives bank account you can either ask her or try and figure out her code to her account and find out for yourselfBy Annyomus

You can go to your bank where you have your personal bank account and talk with the manager or someone that works there. They can get your started on opening a business bank account.

To find your bank account and branch, get in touch with the bank, they should be able to provide you with the details once they ascertain that you are the holder of that given account.

How can you find out if a John Hancock Insurance account owned by my deceased father is unclaimed

call the bank and ask if they show a record

Whether any party can "find out if you have" a bank account would depend on how you "have" the account. Where, what type, and in what name are preliminary considerations to answering your question assuredly.

One can open a checking account at a bank quite easily. There are many different banks, such as Bank of America, TD Bank, or Citibank. One could go to the website of these banks and find out more information on the website about opening a checking account. However one may go to one's local bank and open a checking account in person.

If you currently have another bank account such as a savings account, the best place to start would be to talk to the bank with which you have that account. You may give them a call or visit your nearest branch and find out what you need to do to open an account. If you do not have an open bank account you should consider visiting a bank near you to get one.

The most direct and perhaps only way is to ask the person in charge of accounts at the bank involved. The consumer has the right to know why they are being excluded from having an account, getting a loan, and so forth.

The international bank account number (IBAN) is personal to your bank account. You can find your Lloyds TSB UK IBAN on our bank account statement or by contacting your local branch.

You go to the bank, and ask to open a new account. They will tell you yes or no.

There is no way online to find a bank address with an account number. Account numbers are considered sensitive information and are not published openly over the Internet.

It is the routing number, not the account number, that identifies the bank.

When a person chooses to open up a savings account, this is one of the best choices he or she is making. A savings account allows a person to earn interest on the money he or she saves every month. A savings account can truly be the best way that a person saves money rather than spends it on shopping, food, or other unnecessary expenses in life. Before opening up just any savings account, however, a person should seek to find the best bank rate possible. This article will discuss how and why a person should find the best bank rate possible. First off, a person should seek to compare bank rates online when searching for a savings account to open. An online comparison only takes a couple of minutes, and saves so much time from physically going to each bank to inquire about rates on savings accounts. By using an online comparison tool, a person can compare the rates of hundreds of savings accounts at one time. A person will be able to see which savings accounts offer the truly best interest rates and any other promotions that bank is offering at the time. A bank may be offering other promotions, such as a hundred dollars to simply open up a savings account. A hundred dollars is a great benefit that any person should look for when opening up a bank account. A person should seek to find a bank account that offers a bank rate of about 4%. Right now, many savings accounts offer rates much lower than this, which is a tragedy since it means that a person is losing out on funds. By opening up a person with the maximum interest rate, he or she will be able to earn the greatest amount of money possible on a bank account. Opening up an account with a 4% rate allows a person to earn as much as $40 in a year, if he or she has $1,000 invested into such an account. This is truly the wisest choice a person can make when opening up a bank account. Overall, these are the best reasons to find the best bank rate.

It is nearly impossible to find someone with a bank account number. Obtaining another persons account number is considered a crime.

Yes. The account is joint between you and your father. If your father is deceased then she can claim her peice in court. You should report it to the authorities and the bank. She can be prosecuted. Although she is entitled to community property you are on the account and therefore she would have to settle with you. Unless she has a legal will. Find out your information first and then proceed to request an update.

If one knows the routing number one can find the bank branch location. It is the routing number and not the account number which shows the bank branch location.

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