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How can you find out if someone is married in another country?

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if you search on line check under county records for the specif town. some states don't offer that type of public record * There really isn't a simple way to learn such information without perhaps obtaining the assistance of a private investigator which can be expensive or asking his or her aquaintances or family which might cause other problems.

2006-08-17 19:56:23
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how can i findout if my husband is married in a n other country

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How do you find out if someone is married in another country?

Some countries have listed married individuals on their local government website. You can also ask someone who knows the person concerned.

If you get married and then find out your husband is married in another country does that make your marriage unlawful?

This depends on the laws of the country in which you reside. Generally it is against the law to be married to more then one person at a time.

How do i find out if someone is married?

ask them

How can you find out if a u.s. citizen living in the United States was married in another country?

go there and check the local courthouses

How do you find out if someone has left an inheritance in another country?

the relative who has left a inheritance has to have left a will to whoever they want to get the inheritance

How do you find out if someone is married in Pakistan?

you ask

How do you find out if someone you have been with was married?

Ask them?

What happens when you find out that your husband is married to another?

Find another guy to marry or sue him....

How do you find out if someone is married by catholic church?

Asking them.

You married someone in Canada you found out he was married to someone else how can you find out is he still married to her?

you will ask the woman if she still marry or not, if she stay talk you read the lips

How do you find out when and where someone is married?

Marriage record checks contain a large amount of important information to allow you to find out if someone is married. These searches are crucial for people to be able to check if someone is married before getting into a committed relationship with them. It is important in today's world to protect yourself and check to see if someone was married or is currently married before committing to them. Checking if someone is married can take a long time, however, online databases of all public records have made this much simpler and it now can take as little as 30 seconds to find out if someone is married. This service has helped hundreds of people find out if there partner was married. For example Tracy who went through a messy divorce has subscribed to a database and now checks every person she meets online to see if the are currently married and if they are she does not meet with them. This marriage record search allows Tracy to stay safe and doesn't allow her to be hurt. If you want to find out if someone is married or not then you have to put a little effort in it to research on the Internet and you also need to pay some money. Since finding out if someone is married or not is a very useful service and as you know that nothing is free in this world, so need to pay fee to find out if someone is married. You would find several websites on the Internet which provide you the marriage records to find out if someone is married. You may select any such website which you think is reliable to find out if someone is married.

Where is it legal to get married to another spouse while you're already married?

You can find the countries where polygamy is legal in the link below. However, you must relocate. If you are not from that country and just go there to get married it will not be legal if you return to a country where plural marriage is illegal. In Western cultures you can only be married to one person at a time. The single exception if Saskatchewan.

How to find out if someone is married that doesn't cost?

You ask the person.

What can you do if you need to find out where your wife married another man while you were married?

you need to get rid of your wife

Where is a married woman most likely to find someone to cheat with?

in a bar

How do you find out if someone is a Bigamist?

How can i find out if husband is abigamist if he's been married three times..

Is perrie getting married to Zayn Malik?

Yes that getting married don't worry ladies you will find someone

Your wife told you she is gay now what?

You divorce her. You shouldn't be married to someone that doesn't love you back. In the end, everyone will be happier. You can find someone that actually loves you and she can find someone that she really loves.

You are in love with someone who is now in love with someone else how do you get over him?

You should find another lover.

What are the different ways to find out if someone is married?

Check if they're wearing a wedding ring!

Is there any way to find out if someone is married?

It's called a wedding ring lol

If you were with someone fifteen years ago have a child together you married someone else but divorced and now he is married and cheating on his wife with you is there any hope to the relationship?

no there is no hope. and if he is married then you should not be sleeping together. WAIT--- WAIT==== WAIT !!!!!!!! You & he had a child, but you married someone else. Means he didn't stick with you THEN. And later he married, and is now cheating on the wife? To be with you for what? Sex again? Seems HE gets whatever he wants.... And YOU get the dregs. Kick him out, girl, and find another man. Now. Forget that loser. Look at those millions of great and good men out there. Fish in another pond, 'cause you got tied up with a sucker-fish.

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