How can you find out if you have an eviction on your record?

The first place to check is your credit report. Also, check with the court for the county in which you have rented. The local real estate association may keep records that are accessed by rental managers.

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The best thing to do is to answer the application honestly, provide an explanation and say that it will not happen again. If you have a good credit rating that can make all the difference. While apartment managers depend on the real estate records, your credit report and job verification will be the determining factor.

There are certain parameters under which an eviction can be removed from your rental history record and your credit report. However, it is a process. I know because it was done for me. You check your credit report in the case of a monetary judgment filed and reported to the 3 major bureaus (public records for judgments and collections for judgments assigned to collection agencies). The eviction, itself, will forever be a matter of public record unless you get it expunged. However, it is not necessarily the court records for which you must focus your removal efforts. It is the information found in your rental history records and on your credit reports that will first tell your 'rental story'. Most landlords will NOT go down and, personally, search through court records for every tenant-particularly when there are other states and counties involved. Landlords (coincidentally, I am one now) rely upon information found within the TENANT BACKGROUND CHECKS (which YOU pay for when you apply for their rentals.). If the information is NOT in these two records, you will be helping yourself. This is what can do for you. They can even, in some cases, have the record expunged for you. Waving a magic wand over your records is not going to do anything to have your eviction removed; however, following the right processes will.

Many persons are not aware that this can be done b/c a lot of work is involved in these processes. This is why it is best to leave it in the hands of those who do it for a living.

NOTE: No one can clean up your record for you, so save your money. The best they can do is to send a letter, which may temporarily remove the listing. If the record is correct then it will be re-listed.

Contrary to popular opinions, evictions can be removed from your records (rental history and credit report). This can be done by one or more of the following avenues: the data compilation reporting companies reporting your eviction information; the courts (plaintiff assists you and/or finding any discrepancies within the process; and time (however, even 'expired reporting time limits' do not make your eviction information automatically become removed from your records. It takes action to have these removed). My sphere of experience in this area is that my eviction was removed from my records by a company that specializes in the removal of evictions.