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read the declarations and the policy, have your agent explain if you do not understatnd.

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Q: How can you find out if your insurance covers losses from employee theft or customer nonpayment?
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What is fidelity guarantee insurance?

insurance that covers crime and theft by a firm employee

How important is insurance for small businesses?

Insurance is vital for any business, big or small. Insurance covers you in case of loss (fires, hurricanes, floods, and other disasters). It covers liability in case a customer were to slip and fall, or an employee were to get injured on the job.It can also help cover litigation. It would be very unwise to operate a business in this day and age without insurance.

What would the term blanket policy refer to in regards to insurance?

Blanket insurance refers to insurance, like a blanket, that covers it all. Blanket insurance covers properties, employee health, and thievery. No one item has a specific percentage of insurance.

Does general liability covers driving accident of an employee?

No, Your general liability insurance covers accidents on the work site. Commercial Auto Insurance would cover the work related auto accident of an employee. If the employee was injured while on the job, Your workers comepensation coverage would also apply.

How would you find out if your insurance covers invisalign?

you are able to find out if your insurance covers invisilign by by calling them on their own personal hotline and discussing it with them. Or try discussing it instore with a customer service representative.

Which is the government agency that covers customer deposits if a bank fails?

Federeal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

What type of insurance do you need if you use your own car to instruct a new driver as an employee of a driving school?

If not covered by the school itself, you need insurance that covers "business" in addition to "pleasure" use. Also, you will need insurance that covers additional drivers.

What is the purpose of a fidelity insurance legally speaking?

Fidelity Insurance is also referred to as crime insurance. It protects a company in the event of a loss of money for multiple reasons from burglary to embezzlement. There are generally two types of insurance- employee dishonesty and money and security coverage. Employee dishonesty covers the company in the event that an employee steals in any way shape or form. Money and security covers losses outside of business personnel such as burglary, destruction, or disappearance.

What insurance covers employee needs during travel?

Employers first of all need to cover their employers with travel insurance. Another insurance that is imperative for the employer to cover is health insurance, since nothing is more tragic than losing a especially dedicated employee on the job during travel.

Who is responsible for funding workers compensation?

the employer usually pays an insurance policy that covers the employee if they need workers comp leave.

Why would Public Liability Insurance be needed?

Public liability insurance is important to businesses as it covers the business if a customer or any member of the public suffers a loss or injury as a result of the business' activity. This type of insurance covers compensation claims as well as legal expenses.

What is featured in the dental insurance from MetLife?

The dental insurance from MetLife generally covers most dental expenses and can be bought both as an employee benefit (if your company offers it) or as an individual plan.

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