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Is it a white oblong tablet? It would be Ciprofloxacin 750mg - aka Cipro made by Miles. It is used as an antibiotic.

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Q: How can you find out what medication your deceased mother was taking if on the bottle of pills one side said MILES and the other side said 514?
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How do you make sure your mom is taking her medication?

Count the pills or measure/mark the bottle if it is liquid.

How often can you take a erectile disfunction tablet per month?

Your answer depends on which ED medication you are taking. If you are taking Viagra or Cialis, you can take this medication on a daily basis as per the directions on the bottle or as directed by your doctor. Natural medications for erectile dysfunction containing saw palmetto or yohimbe can generally be taken on a daily basis or as per directions on the bottle. This answer is to be used as a information and not as medical advise on how to take your medication.

Is thyroid medication effectiveness affected by prescription antibiotic medication?

Your physician will be the best resource for understanding what medications might interact with your thyroid medication. The directions on your thyroid medication bottle will note to not take certain things - like antacids, calcium, or iron - within four hours of taking thyroid medication.

Can you eat eggs while taking antibiotics?

Yes eggs can be eaten while taking antibiotics unless a doctor or physician says otherwise or it is specifically listed as a warning on the medication bottle.

Is it normal to zone out after taking pain medication?

depends on what it is read the bottle its in, find side effects and see if zoning out or drowziness or dizziness etc. is present.

Is it okay ot drink alcohol while taking this medication amox tr-k clv?

Not really . Should be a sticker on your pill bottle. This is an antibiotic.

What not to consume within 3 hours of taking thyroid medications?

After taking your thyroid medication, it is best to wait at least 30 minutes before eating food. If you eat immediately after taking your thyroid medication, drink coffee, drink alcohol, or even add Metamusil to your water, this can affect the overall effectiveness of your thyroid medication. Make sure to read all of the directions on your thyroid prescription bottle. Doctors will note to not take antacids, calcium or iron within four hours of taking the medication. Talk with your doctor if you have any questions about what you can/cannot consume after taking your thyroid medication.

Where can you get rid of old medications?

Ask your local pharmacist. you can get rid of medication by taking it to the doctor or maybe even throwing it away. If you are throwing away your medication, remember to remove all personal information from the bottle. (Your name, Address, Phone Number, Medication Name). You can also dissolve your medications in water, and mix them with cat litter or coffee grounds and throw them away. You should not flush your medication down the toilet, unless your medication bottle specifically says to do so.

Can you get blindness by not taking diabetes medication?

yes it can be caused not only by not talking diabetes medication but taking it irregularly

What is meant by the form of medication?

Form of medication can refer to any medications you are currently taking. It can also mean are you taking a pill or liquid type of the medication.

What happens if you overuse anti depressant medication?

Overdosing on any medication could kill you. It depends on which medication you are taking, but you should not ever play around with taking too much medication.

Should you drink alcohol if taking gabapentin medication?

No, ANY alcohol SHOULD be avoided while taking this medication

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