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How can you find out why a relative was awarded the Purple Heart?

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If it was after the early 1940's, it was for being wounded or killed in combat.

If the individual is deceased, you can contact the military for a copy of his service record. It should record the where and when of the award.

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No list exists. Something like 17 million US servicemembers were involved in WWII. Tens of thousands of Purple Heart medals were awarded during the 4 years of the war.

The Purple Heart medal was established in the early 1930's. No complete list of awardees exists. This is because it is over 75 years old, and has been awarded to tens of thousands of military personnel.

From what I can gather, records during WW 2, Vietnam, Korea are sketchy at best. The Purple Heart was sometimes awarded on the spot, and not always noted in journals. No list that you find is likely to be complete. The Purple Heart is the only award for which a person is not recommended by others; one merits the award by meeting strict criteria. See link for more information.

You can go on Purple Here's another way to find out is go to ANSWERS.COM

You can contact the Purple Heart Hall of Fame Museum curator or assistants to get a list of the Purple Heart recipients of any battle or war. I have provided a link for you so you may contact them.

Yes there is. I think you can find a full list on wikipedia ( maybe )

My husband is one of them but to find out all you need to contact the nearest Purple Heart Chapter which is currently located in Rome, GA.

There is no central list of Purple Heart recipients. You could start by posting a query in the Military Order of the Purple Heart website at You could also place a query in local Mississippi newspapers.

The Purple Heart is our nation's FIRST medal; and General Washington did state, "...that it's amazing what men will do for a simple piece of purple cloth..."(purple cloth was the first purple heart medal). States "might" not publish a list of Purple Heart recipients for public review, and any list you might find on the web are most likely "voluntarily submitted" names. Which means that a lot of men who don't use the computer won't have their names listed.

The Victoria cross is earned by an act of bravery in war situations by the British and commonwealth forces. It was started by Queen Victoria in the 19th century and has been carried on ever since. One of the most recent soldiers to receive it was Private Johnson Beharry. The medal will be similar in standing to the American Purple Heart. I hope you find this helpful. The Victoria Cross is nothing like the American equivalent of a purple heart. The Purple heart is awarded to anyone who is injured in battle. The Victoria cross is awarded for extraordinary acts of bravery in the face of the enemy. It is the highest honer which can be bestowed upon a member of the armed forces of commonwealth countries. It is similar in standing to the American Medal of Honor. You really should not be posting answers like the one above if you don't know what your talking about. I am sure the person who posted this response above did not intended any disrespect but is disrespectful to all those brave diggers who have been awarded the cross to have it compared to a purple heart.

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Because 2007 occurred during a wartime period for the US, no list exists naming all recipients of the PH Medal. I suspect a list would contain hundreds (if not thousands) of names. And because the war continues, most probably hundreds (or thousands) more will be added.

Since Purple Heart recipients are now eligible for VA medical care, go to any VA Hospital and ask for the Service Officers. These are veterans' advocates employed by the DAV, VFW, AMVETS, American Legion, etc. to help vets get their awards and to help with claims. They can assist in obtaining a copy of your purple heart award orders, as well as all other award records.

There are no central listings for the minor medals including the purple heart or bronze star. You have to look at the individual soldier's service record for the award. Also, each battalion generally has a log of all of the citations that they have requested for their people. The higher awards like medal of honor and distinguished service cross can be found online. One example is the Wikipedia page in the related links section below.

THE PURPLE HEART IS AN AMERICAN AWARD NOT A GERMAN ONE. (addendum)But the German army in the late part of WW1 and in WW2 did have a corresponding award, simply known as a "wound badge" Gives a fairly comprehensive overview. "It was to awarded in black for one to two wounds, in silver for three to four wounds, and in gold for five wounds or more. In cases of severe wounds the higher class was presented." A Google for "German wound badge" will find several original and reproduction ones offered for sale.

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I am a purple heart recipient from OIF - And no there is no official list of purple heart recipients. If you have reason to question the claims of a veteran that he/she received a purple heart you can contact the Veteran's Records held in St. Louis under the freedom of information Act. Another good place to find information is the Military Order of the Purple Heart. You can not become a member unless you have a purple heart, and it is the only Veteran's organization sanctioned by the Congress. Though, not all purple heart vets are members due to awareness. When I was inducted there was a WWII Vet with me who after all those years just found out about the MOPH. The MOPH also just published a book with the Names and medals of it's members. So if you are skeptical about a veteran's claims of a purple heart you can 1.) ask to see there DD214, there award letter and certificate, there MOPH card, or request copies of there record from St. Louis under the freedom of information Act. More, if the Veteran is claiming to also have been a Navy Seal you can visit G. Gordon Liddy's website that has a link dedicated to exposing frauds claiming to be seals or former seals. Liddy's son is a seal, and they have an extensive database of all seals past and present.

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