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Bridge Gun Co was a trade name used by Shapleigh Hardware of St. Louis, Missouri, on guns by several makers. The "Belgian Laminated Steel" suggests that it was made in that country, and the crowned-oval-ELG* mark shows for certain that it was proof-tested there sometime after 1893. The import of these hardware store guns pretty much ended with the start of WWI, so you can say it is a century old, +/- a decade. It probably doesn't need a full refinishing. Remove any active rust with gun oil and copper wool, oil the metal parts lightly and use a good furniture polish on the wood. Then retire it to the mantle.

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I have a 12 gage double hammer 18 inch Coach Gun Belgium laminated. How many were made?
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No# on barrel7703 # in frame 17.950

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Q: How can you find the age of a Bridge Gun Company shotgun?
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How much is a Bridge Gun Company 16 gauge shotgun worth?

Bridge gun company 16 ga choke

What is a Bridge gun company 410 shotgun worth?

ALL you can get

Where can you find a gun made by Bridge Gun Company?

Try the on line auction sites, do a web search, check gun shops, read Shotgun News, Gun List, etc..

Was there a gun made by bridge gun co 16ga 771280?

Yes, the Bridge Gun Company did make several gauges of shotguns. However, these were not made by the Bridge Gun Company. It was actually made be a diffrent company and marketed under the Bridge Gun Company banner.

What is information on a 12 gauge single shot shotgun with a single hammer manufactured by Bridge Gun Company?

BRIDGE GUN COMPANY Tradename used by Shapleigh Hardware of St. Louis, Missouri on shotguns made by Crescent Fire Arms Company c. 1893-1930.

Where can you find information on a Bridge Gun Company 16 gauge single shot shotgun?

Bridge Gun Company and Bridge Gun Works were trade names owned by Shapleigh Hardware Co of St Louis. The guns were made in Belgium by H. Pieper and Anciens Etablissment Pieper and in the US by Crescent, Stevens, and Harrington & Richardson. There's a good chance that a single shot would be a Stevens Model 94.

I Have bridge gun works double shotgun I need parts for any sugestions where to get em?

If you can find them, they will most likely cost more than the shotgun in worth.

Where can you find information on a Bridge Gun Company 12 gauge 30 inch double barreled shotgun with exposed hammers and the inscription on the rib belgium laminated steel?

Most like a utility grade store brand shotgun made at the turn of the century or there about. Try internet searches, the library, gun shows, gun shops.

Where can you buy a bridge gun company black prince shotgun?

Anywhere you can find one for sale. But don't pay much over a hundred bucks unless you buy it from the black prince himself.

Where can you find a replacement hammer for a Bridge double barrel 12 gauge made in late 1800's?

Unless you find another Bridge Gun Co shotgun to cannibalize, you will have to have one cast.

16 gauge double barrel shotgun that has Bridge Gun Co stamped on it and has the ELG proofmark on the underside of the barrelIs there any way of knowing which Belgium company manufactured it?

No. Probably a piece work gun.

What does a gold star on the underside of the butt of a 12 gauge Bridge Gun Company double barrel shotgun with laminated barrels mean?

Nothing in particular. Just decoration.

Where can you find information about a Spencer gun company single shot shotgun patented Aug 11 1896?

Have you tried the Internet?

Find out how old your shotgun shells are?

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What is the value of 4-10 12 gage full choke shot gun year 1930 made by bridge gun company. brand black prince.?

Is it a .410 bore shotgun or a 12 gauge? No matter. A Bridge Co. single barrel or double barrel (side to side) shotgun manufactured in 1930 is, in all likelihood, a Crescent City Arms shotgun. This company made many thousands of inexpensive shotguns under dozens of names. Collector value minimum. Practical value depends on the condition of the gun.

Where can you find a Syracuse arms shotgun?

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How can I find a 12gauge shotgun no certain brand?

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How do you find the age of an Ithaca Gun shotgun?

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Who made black prince shotguns?

Bridge gun company

How old is a 410 bridge gun co shot gun a568613?

Crecent arms made guns under several different names, Bridge was one of them. The exact age of this Shotgun I can't tell you, but Crecent did make a 410 Crecent shotgun around 1930.

Where can you find a cheap single shot 410 shotgun pistol?

Local gun shop, local gun show, for sale ads, Shotgun News, Gun List will get you started.

Where can you get the part that ejects the shell on a bridge gun company 410 serial numbera766477?

The Bridge Gun co. shotguns were made by the Crescent Fire Arms Company. You can try for parts at: Numrich Jack First Bob's Gun Shop