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The Wikipedia site for marlin 336 rifles includes a table showing how to use the serial number to find date of manufacture.

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Q: How can you find the date on your marlin rifle model 30as 30cal winchester?
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What rifle was issued to the mounties after the 1876 Winchester became obsolete?

Marlin Model Golden 39A

What is a model 39 22 Winchester worth?

Winchester has never made a model 39.Could be reffering to a Marlin model 39 lever action rifle in .22LR?

What is a fair value for a Winchester 94 30-30cal Carbine?

If you could supply the serial number so I may date the manufacture of your rifle,Then I could give you a reasonable value for your winchester model 1894.

Who made the sears model 42- 103- 2840 22 rifle?

Its probably a marlin model 80,some were also made by winchester.

What is a Winchester model 336 30-30 lever action rifle worth?

Is this a trick question? I thought Marlin made the model 336. I didn't know Winchester made one.

Is a Marlin Model 39A the same as Marlin Model 39M?

The marlin model 39A is the rifle model,while the Marlin model 39M is the carbine model.

What is a Winchester Model 70?

A Winchester Model 70 is a rifle.

What year was serial number 441036 marlin model 94 made?

If you indeed have a Marlin model 1894,not a Winchester then the time frame of production would be between 1910-1912.The Marlin model 1894 rifle was made from 1894-1934.I believe that your rifle will be closer to the year 1912 maybe 1913 at the latest.

Who made the sears model 42 -103-2840 22 caliber rifle?

Its probably a marlin model 80,some were also made by winchester.

What is the value of a Winchester 30-30 rifle model 336 A?

Your rifle is a Marlin (Winchester 30-30 is caliber). Value will be based on condition, but somewhere between $225-$350 for Good to Excellent. Great little deer rifle.

What year was a Marlin Safety Model 1894 Rifle in 38 Winchester caliber serial 119755 made and the approximate value?

I have a marlin Safety with a ser# 40098. I believe it is a model 1894, do not know the cal. Can you tell me anything?With the serial number 119,755.Your Marlin safety model 1894 rifle was made in the year 1895.The serial number 40098 indicates that this Marlin rifle was made in the year 1890.

How old is a Marlin model 781 22 rifle?

The marlin model 781 .22cal rifle was made from 1971-1988.

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