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The main drain is the bottom suction typically located in the deep end often two drains will be tee-d together with just the one pipe returning to the equipment

While it seems obvios to many of us I wanted to point out that many people think the main drain is just that a drain. they may be looking for a valve. I guess the name is a little confusing. in worrking on thousands of pools i have seen one actual drain it was on a city pool. for the rest of us a "main drain" is just a "skimmer" on the bottom it improves circulation and allows you to run your pool without the skimmers if the need should arise.(looking for leak ?) and can be used to pump out pool for liner replacement or plater/tile repair.


I would add to that. The main drain, which is not a drain in the literal sense, like in household Plumbing, but another means for better water circulation. Without a main drain and just the use of a skimmer or skimmers only the upper two feet of water in the pool would circulate leaving the lower two thirds of the pool water to be somewhat stagnate. This lack of circulation, sometimes seen as sand or dust or bugs are seen to collect in one or two patches of the floor, can and will cause reduced sanitizer in those areas resulting in algae in or near those areas. Also, there are no valves for the main drain in most newer pool construction. Fifteen plus years ago some builders used valves for many functions on the pool equipment pad to redirect water flow and there was a valve specifically for the main drain. The gate valve was mainly for the pool maintenance tech to help in vac the pool -- by closing that valve he could vac the pool faster because the closed valve directed all the flow to the skimmer.


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Q: How can you find the main drain on your inground pool?
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Pool not running for 2 years inground do you drain or is that bad?

Vacuum the pool. If you have to drain it, only drain it half way. Floating pools are a disaster.

Is it wrong to drain your plaster pool when the temperature is above 100?

Why would you drain your pool just becasue the water is hot? Never drain your inground pool unless you have first cut holes in the bottom of the pool to keep it from floating. If the water table in your area is high enough, your inground pool could "float" out of the ground, effectively ruining your pool.

When inground pool is running on filter is the drain open or closed?


How do you drain an inground swimming pool?

You don't drain an inground swimming pool, unless you are trained to do so. Doing it alone or even with assistance is extremely dangerous. Save yourself some trouble and go contact a local and trained swimming pool cleaning service.

How do you remove excess rain water in inground pool?

To remove excess rain water in an inground pool, you likely want to get a filter. You can also install a drain at the very bottom of the pool, but this will need to be closed if there were water in the pool for swimming.

Where can you find inground pool kits?

I have seen them at

Does Justin Bieber have a inground pool or a above ground pool?

Justin Bieber has a inground pool

When you do want to use the skimmer vs the drain on an inground pool?

The skimmer is the healthiest method for removing water from a pool for filtration at all times

If you have a leak in the main drain line in a vinyl inground pool do you have to fill in your main drain?

Most main drains for vinyl liner pools have a threaded port inside of the drain itself. This threaded port is used to plumb in the main drain. The easiest way to fix this is to swim down to the main drain, remove the grate, which is held on with two screws, COME UP FOR AIR, then screw in a threaded 11/2 plug into the port. This will stop water from leaking if the leak is in the line itself and not in the drain.

How do you drain your pool?

For Draining a pool, I use my pump that I use during the winter to pump off the cover. I start it out on the first step of the inground pool and move it down accordingly.

Is there a way to flush out the bottom drain of an inground pool when it has no suction due presumably to leaves and debris blocking it?

If they feel main drains are not required that brings their marketing/ sales practices into question.

How do you paint the inside of an inground cement pool when water keeps coming in from the main drain?

You should install a small pump 1/6 horse lets say, let it run.

What causes water to get behind and inground pool liner when you drain it?

sounds like there is ground water getting in there somehow

How do you find in inground swimming pool liner?

They don't make them for in ground.

Should you leave your inground pool empty for winter?

No. You just drain out enough water to close up the skimmers/plumbing, but the pool remains mostly full.

What is the Purpose of a main drain in a swimming pool?

If its not connected through the skimmer I imagine it's there to empty it. hmmm, on the above. The main drain in pools is for circulating the lower part of the pool and is not intended to drain the pool as in a bath tub.

What is the best site online to find inground pool designs?

The best sites are InGroundPoolDesign and MyDreamPool, where you can either research yourself, or talk to consultants and construction experts to find the best inground pool designs that suits your needs.

How do you drain an inground pool?

if you have ever vaccuumed your pool you already know how to do it. all you do is not return the cleaned water to the pool. you will need access to some kind of drainage though, as that's alot of water!

Can you replace the main drain in concert pool?

no you can not

How do you drain a inground pool step by step?

I need to drain my inground swimming pool I have never done this I know that I use a hose but I don't know where to place it and how get the water flowing my pool has been very neglected newly divorced and need help please. Or can I just treat the existing water with chemicals and always cleaning my filters clean. Thank You very much in helping me if someone can.

How do you lower the acidity of an inground pool?

use something called soda ash you can find it at a pool or spa store

Where can you buy pool chlorine for an inground pool in Austin, Texas?

You can buy pool chlorine for an inground pool in Austin, Texas at your local Leslie's Pool Supply. They have a great selection.

Where can you find replacement steps for a ladder for a Spartan brand vinyl liner inground swimming pool?

Some pool companys are not in business. most all inground pools have the same size treads..

Am I required to get a building permit before installing an inground swimming pool?

In most cities such a structure as an inground pool will require a building permit. You will have to contact your local city hall to find out for sure.

How do you close the main drain of your in ground swimming pool?

My pool has two main drain openings, to prevent entrapment. I use a Kreepy Krawly pool cleaner so the main drain stays closed all the time, otherwise, the Kreepy Krawly would get stuck every time it passes over the main drain. There is a valve located with the pool equipment (filter/pump/various valves) which is used to open and close the main drain. I'm no expert, but that's the way mine works.