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The main drain is the bottom suction typically located in the deep end often two drains will be tee-d together with just the one pipe returning to the equipment

While it seems obvios to many of us I wanted to point out that many people think the main drain is just that a drain. they may be looking for a valve. I guess the name is a little confusing. in worrking on thousands of pools i have seen one actual drain it was on a city pool. for the rest of us a "main drain" is just a "skimmer" on the bottom it improves circulation and allows you to run your pool without the skimmers if the need should arise.(looking for leak ?) and can be used to pump out pool for liner replacement or plater/tile repair.


I would add to that. The main drain, which is not a drain in the literal sense, like in household Plumbing, but another means for better water circulation. Without a main drain and just the use of a skimmer or skimmers only the upper two feet of water in the pool would circulate leaving the lower two thirds of the pool water to be somewhat stagnate. This lack of circulation, sometimes seen as sand or dust or bugs are seen to collect in one or two patches of the floor, can and will cause reduced sanitizer in those areas resulting in algae in or near those areas. Also, there are no valves for the main drain in most newer pool construction. Fifteen plus years ago some builders used valves for many functions on the pool equipment pad to redirect water flow and there was a valve specifically for the main drain. The gate valve was mainly for the pool maintenance tech to help in vac the pool -- by closing that valve he could vac the pool faster because the closed valve directed all the flow to the skimmer.


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Q: How can you find the main drain on your inground pool?
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