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Q: How can you find the teamsters union you belonged to yrs 1955- 1962 while working for bordens milk co?
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When was Teamsters for a Democratic Union created?

Teamsters for a Democratic Union was created in 1975.

What can you do if the teamsters union is not representing you?

Sue them

Which of the following is an example of a labor union?

The Teamsters

What was the first organized labor union?


What is the union pay scale for Teamsters in Chicago?


Are the Teamsters Union a not for profit organization?

They're supposed to be.

Which union was the most powerful in the united states?

Teamsters i beleive

What union represents UPS employees?

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters

What were teamsters union wages in 1968?

$4 per hour

What is the highest paying job for a union teamsters in wa?

The highest paying job for a union Teamster in Washington is the Union Job.

What did the members of the Teamsters Union do for a living in the book the jungle?

Hauled feight

What are the benefits of joining the BCTGM union?

absolutely mofuggin' nothing. #teamsters

Where can you find a list of Teamster Union Trucking companies?

International teamsters union should have the list and the locals too.

Can saia becomes union?

Yes, the workers of SAIA can become union, if the chose to. They would just need to contact the teamsters union for information.

What is name of dock workers union?

For on land freight it is the International Brotherood of Teamsters.

How long was John J Conlin President of teamsters union?

He wasn't president.

Does kmart have a union?

Yes Kmart has four distribution centers that are union. Two are uaw. One is unite. And one is teamsters.

What are teamsters?

Originally, a teamster was a person whose job was to drive a team of animals, particularly a team of horses pulling a cart or wagon. Now, a teamster is a person who drives a large truck. The Teamsters Union is a labor union for people who drive large trucks.

What has the author David Scott Witwer written?

David Scott Witwer has written: 'Corruption and reform in the Teamsters Union' -- subject(s): Corrupt practices, History, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen, and Helpers of America, Labor unions, Teamsters, Truck drivers

Who was a very aggressive and powerful leader of the Teamsters Union who was sentenced to served a prison term?

This seems to be Jimmy Hoffa. He became a powerful leader of the Teamsters, went to prison, and then suspiciously disappeared and was presumed to be dead.

Which aggressive and powerful leader of the teamsters union was kidnapped and has never been found?

Jimmy Hoffa

Who belonged to the union?

Do you mean like union labor workers.

What man was a very aggressive and powerful leader of the Teamsters union who was sentenced to serve a prison term and later kidnapped and has never been found?

The man was former Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa who disappeared in 1975.

How much does the teamsters pension pay?

This question will vary from person to person. Ask your local teamster's union.

Why did Lincoln like the union?

He was the president of the union; therefore, that's where who his loyalty belonged to.