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How can you find whether transistor are working or not?


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There are transistor testers. The down side is that the transistor has to be removed from the circuit to be tested.


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A: The only sure way is to use an oscilloscope. If you are well trained a meter can assist in fact finding.

Biasing is necessary in a transistor circuit to keep the transistor working. Without proper biasing, the circuit will fail

The weather transistor in known as nonlinear. This is a type of device.

at full input, if the transistor is working, the value of capacitor will be 0.

We bias transistors in order to determine the modes of operation ( that is whether the transistor is operating in the active cut off or the saturation regions).

Two diodes, whether or not discreet, cannot work together as a transistor. The diodes and transistor have different profiles to optimize them for their specific functions

The saying "at what current is transistor biased" means to ask the current through the transistor when there is no signal present. Typically, a transistor is biased at the center of its linear region, so as to minimize distortion. This, of course, depends on whether or not the transistor is AC or DC coupled, and where the clipping points might be.

A transistor is often referred to as an oscillator because of its ability to transfer resistance. it can also switch off and on repeatedly, mimicking an oscillator.

The base, emitter and collector can be identified with the data sheet of the transistor, every type of transistor can be different, you can find data sheets easily when you google the type of transistor.

Very nonlinear. If you need operation approximatinglinearity, a transistor must be limited to a very narrow range of operation.

it is a combination of two transistors connected in series. the emitter of transistor t1 is connected to the base of transistor t2 . now the total circuit acts as a single transistor. this combination will gives high gain, as the gain is multiplied.

A: A transistor has non linear gain. To find the gain a Q point must be specified

Troubleshooting..........Check whether device is working or not or the settings (configurations) are proper or not.

A 1n4007 is a diode and not a transistor, the 4007 don't really represent anything, the 1n4007 is a axial lead standard recovery rectifier, working peak reverse voltage = 1000V, the forward current for this device = 1 Amp. More data about it can be find in the data sheet.

Identify Transistor Pin-outsWhich Pin Is Which on a BJT?Use this chart to find which pin is the base on a bipolar transistor and at the same time get a good idea of whether the transistor is faulty or good.(Don´t test FETs in this way though - handling FET pins can destroy the transistor!).Follow tests 1 - 3 then decide from the result which of the four arrows to follow. You may have to go through the test sequence more than once to make your diagnosis.

the transistor is called as transistor because there is transfer of resistance from input to output .transfer resistance so it is transistor.

A transistor, working in active mode, can amplify a current in a circuit.

A silicon transistor is a transistor made of silicon.

What is a 2N2369 transistor.It's an npn switching transistor.

I can give you several sentences.I bought a transistor radio.The transistor amplified the signal.We studied the transistor in science class.

depends on whether you would like calculate or measured results. if you want calculated resulted, then your best bet would be to use an oscilloscope. if you want calculated results, then there are formulas for finding out the voltage, current, impedance, and individual results from each component using the capacitive reactance, voltage, and type of transistor. are you using a summing transistor, inverting amplifying transistor, amplifying transistor, or a different transistor? also are you using DC or AC voltage or current? you need to tell me what type of transistor you are using?

One can find a vintage transistor radio on many websites online. Amazon sells these types of radios on their website. The price range for the radios go from $15.00-$250.00.

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