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You are in luck! This IS a common problem with a simple cure. The interior light SWITCH IS INSIDE THE DOOR NEAR THE STRIKER PLATE LATCH. The switch sticks in the on position unless lubed occasionally.

Spray WD-40 INTO THE SLOTS behind the EXTERIOR DOOR HANDLES. Just lift the handle to reach the slots and spray. . DON'T BE AFRAID TO SPRAY IT GOOD THE MORE YOU USE THE CLEANER IT WILL GET.

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Q: How can you fix Ford Ranger dome lights and map lights that are on all the time?
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Why are your dome lights and sunroof not working Mitsubishi galant?

If dome lights and sunroof of a Mitsubishi Galant are not working, it is probably due to blown fuse. It is time to replace old ones.

How do you activate daytime running lights on a Ford F450?

do 1998 ford f450 have day time running lights

Why does the interior lights go off and the windows wont work at the same time on a 2003 Ford Taurus wagon?

I had a similar problem with my 1999 Ford Windstar. My dome lights/door lights worked intermittently. I found a suggestion on the web to spray WD-40 into the latch on the edge of the door on the drivers side. I did, and it hasn't been a problem for over a year.

Where is fuse box located on a ford 2001 Taurus?

My brake lights, dome lights and dash board lights went out at the same time. I checked the fuse under the hood of the car and I can't locate the fuse box inside the car. My questions are (1) what cloud have cause for all three(3) lights to go out at the same time and (2) where inside the car is the fuse box?

What could cause the dome lights front and back to not turn off on a 2002 Ford Explorer?

If the dimmer switch for the dash lights are turned all the way to bright and then clicked one more time the interior lights will come on and stay. Try turning down your dash lights. It might also be a broken or bent door pin.

What does it mean when the Emergency Brake and ABS lights are on at the time on a 1990 Ford Ranger?

I'm not a mechanic but I would start by checking the brake fluid level in the brake master cylinder in your engine compartment

What is wrong if headlights dome light dash lights and horn all go out at the same time?


Why does the dome light in a 1995 ford ranger stay on all the time?

Many rangers have a micro-switch built into the door latch that grounds when the door is shut. If the switches become dirty, they will cause the dome light, chime, and door ajar light to stay on. A few shots of contact cleaner should do them justice.

Truck stops running after 30 seconds of run time?

Why did my 1992 ford ford ranger stops woking why i am driving.

On your 93 Ford Ranger 4x4 the alternator gas and 4x4 light gauges went out Also the 4x does not engauge you had trailer lights installed at a shop but didn't notice the problem for some time Help?

check your fuses

Why do the dome lights stay on when all doors are close on a 2000 ford expition xlt?

The dome light should stay on for about 15 seconds and then go out as a courtesy light. If it stays on all the time you probably need to check the dash and turn it off. Usually the dash light dimmer rotates tp a point that will turn it off.

How do you replace spark plug wires for a 1987 Ford Ranger?

Pull them out and replace them one at a time.

Possible reasons why dome lights wont go off after the car is parked and doors are shut?

The door switch can be corroded or defective. Can also be a Short in the wiring to the switch. Also on some vehicles, you can turn on the dome light with the dimmer for the instrument lights. This dimmer, if turned all the way to one side will bypass the door switch and the dome light will stay on all the time.The door switch can be corroded or defective. Can also be a Short in the wiring to the switch. Also on some vehicles, you can turn on the dome light with the dimmer for the instrument lights. This dimmer, if turned all the way to one side will bypass the door switch and the dome light will stay on all the time.

Why won't my 1998 Honda crv dome light shut off?

The dome lights have switches that can be placed in three different positions. Totally on all the time - totally off all the time - operates with doors. Are you sure the switch is set in the correct position?

1988 Ford Ranger starts but kills instantly?

I think it has to do with the fuel pump. it happen to me one time

Can you fit a V8 motor in to a 1983 Ford Ranger?

yes takes a little time and work but can be done

How much will a engine install cost for a ford ranger?

The labor time for a 2000 Ford Ranger with a 4 cylinder engine is 10 hours, or roughly $900. It could be more depending on the year of your vehicle and for the 6 cylinder engine.

What light bulbs are used in a 2005 Chevy Tahoe?

Low beam head lights? High beam head lights? Day time driving lights? Tail lights? Brake lights? Dash lights? Signal lights? Dome light? Glove compartment light? Trunk light? License plate light? Courtesy lights? Give us a clue.

Ford Windstar 1999 tail lights stay on all the time?

It sounds as if there is a problem with the rear electronics module in the Ford Windstar. This controls the front and rear lights and it is located in the back in the cubby with the jack.

What would cause low gas mileage in a 2005 ford ranger?

front differential turns all the time

How do you time a 2.5 liter 2000 ford ranger?

timing is computer controlled. You don't need to do any timing.

Why does the battery on your 1992 Jeep Laredo die after a SHORT time of having the doors open and dome lights on?

If battery is original have it load tested (6 yrs old) time to replace?

Where can one purchase Ford Ranger parts cheaply?

Ford Ranger parts are widely available from a number of different retailers. You might want to try breakeryard, fordpartsgiant, and go-part, all of whom should have you up and running again in no time at all.

Why do your Ford E-350 Ford Van running lights flash on and off?

You have a faulty headlight switch. It's too much of a load on the headlight switch to run all the lights at the same time. You should run a separate light switch for the running lights.

Why wont your lights come on at all you have a 1997 Ford Taurus?

This can be due to a bad headlight switch. If it goes bad, most of the time you have no dash lights or headlights