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Check to see if the tank is full... if it is check why the pump is not emptying it. If it is empty then there is probably a clogged or missing vent.

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Q: How can you fix a toilet in the basement on a sewage ejector pump if when you flush it a large bubble of air comes up from the waste pipe out through the bowl?
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Can you wet vent a sewage ejector pump or is it better to run vent to outside through side of house provided there's no windows or air intakes near vent location you will install vent cap at exit wall?

No you cannot wet vent an ejector pump and no you cannot vent through a side wall. It must go through the roof.

How do you get rid of the smell of sewage in your basement after a flood?

replace it or shampoo it

Why would a basement toilet overflow without flushing?

The toilet is the lowest point, fluids seeks the lowest level, other sewage is coming up through your basement toilet. The system might be installed wrong or there is a blockage in some discharge pipes. Call a plumber, it can be really bad, when I was a kid we had our whole basement flooded with two feet of raw sewage after a big rain storm.

How do you keep sewage from coming back into your basement?

Install a Backwater valve

How do you repair a sewage ejector float?

Normally you just replace it as it is not cost effective to replace the switch or float assembly

If you have sewage leaking in a basement of a business are there health concerns to worry about?

Yes, bateria such as E.coli is found in sewage and is really bad for your health.

Raw sewage in basement only when cold outside?

Frozen sewer out side

You want to put another bathroom in your house the problem is that all of the plumbing and drainage is on the other side of the house you already have to have a sewage ejector pump because your home i?

This sounds like an expensive proposition, but if this will add a second bathroom, it might be worth the cost should you ever need to sell. Not sure what a sewage ejector pump is, but you might want to update that as well.

Where are industrial and commercial fans used?

The fan can be found in applications as diverse as huge blowers used to bubble air through sewage water and industrial waste, to street cleaners and industrial leaf blowers.

When using a sewage pump to install a shower and toilet in a basement how do you connect the trunk line into the sewage basin?

The sewage pump out is installed downstream of a bathroom group from the upstairs plumbing Consult a plumber and/or the plumbing code. If you do this wrong you WILL regret it later. Keep in mind you are dealing with raw human sewage. Do it right the first time, for your own sake.

What is difference between sewage and a sewer?

Sewage is whats in the sewer. Sewage is human waste, water, and even rainwater which collects via a sewer and then gets transported through pipes underground to sewage plants.

Can toilet cause sump pump clogging?

Yes. If the sump pump is used as a sewage lift station, objects going into the toilet (especially forign objects) can cause the pump to clogg. These pumps are usually referred to as sewage ejector pumps. If the sump pump is only used for stormwater runoff, and foundation drains, then no, the toilet is a separate system and would not affect it. These are referred to as sump pumps. Except in unusual circumstances, such as when a toilet overflows, and drains into the basement floor drains for instance, these are totally separate.

What are the pros and cons of building a basement floor of wood or pouring concrete in a new basement with concrete walls?

the pros of building a floor for a basement out of wood is that if there is some soort of sewage pipe leake then you dont have to pull out the jack hammer or hammer and chisel. the con is termite, ants, insects and, rot

Why air along with microorganisms bubble into water in sewage treatment plant?

If microorganisms are used in the water treatment plant then it is necessary to provide oxygen to them and make the sludge degradation through them so air is bubbled for oxidation as well as for microorganisms.

What do you do when your water won't drain properly and sewage leaks back into the basement?

Sewer line is clogged or collapsed. With a septic tank, it may need to be pumped out.

What effect does sewage treatment have on the ecosystem?

the sewage sets of carbon minoxide which travels through the pipes over ground into the air. also if sewage is left to long "mellowing" it will create an acid which will destroy stuuf

Water from the wash basin trap sometimes appears in the bowl in the basement flat of a high rise building what is the most likely cause of the problem?

There is a strong change that the sewage pipework at ground level may be starting to have issue of clogging up.. Water will always find its natural level. If the waste for the basement is lower than the main sewage line outside the building it will come back.

Does drinking water come from sewage water?

yes it comes from the sewage (your toilet) but it goes through a long process so that people can drink it.

Can you install a sink without a drain in a basement?

You must lift the sewage up to the place where the sewer pipe leaves the home. Most homes on level sites connected to septic systems have sewer lines close to grade level because these systems must be built shallow to perform. From the basement, sewage must be lifted up to the exit pipe usually inside the house. Plumbing drains in the basement (and this would apply to a single sink) are directed into a sump or plastic or concrete pit built into the floor of the basement inside a closet or near the outside wall. The sump is flush with the floor and has a sealed lid. In the sump is a grinder pump that grinds the sewage into a slurry and pumps it up to the sewer in a small diameter pipe where it combines with the other household sewage and flows by gravity into the municipal sewer or the septic system. Grinder stations can be installed by any plumber. They occasionally require maintenance, they make a little whirring noise a few minutes after you run water. Basement grinder stations are inferior to a gravity sewer. However many people are very happy with their basement grinders when there is no other alternative.

Who cured cholera?

John snow, he cured it by looking at the sewage and the river Thames and the sewage was found to leak through into the water supply this is how the epademic started.

What does sedimentation mean?

Sedimentation is a process that goes through the sewage treatment.

What is the difference between sewage and sewerage?

Sewage is the waste matter carried off by sewer drains and pipes. Sewerage refers to the physical facilities (e.g., pipes, lift stations, and treatment and disposal facilities) through which sewage flows.

How would you install plumbing such as a sink or toilet in a basement where the drainage pipe exits high above the floor?

install a tank and a sewage ejector pump There are also "macerating toilets" which grind the waste and eject it vertically through a 3/4" or 1" waste pipe until the waste is higher than the existing waste drain pipe where it can then flow downward using gravity. These macerating toilets can cost upwards of $1000, but they save the effort and cost of having to cut the concrete floor, dig a hole, bury the tank and ejector pump and then fix the concrete floor. Many of these toilets have pipe inlets where an additional sink and/or shower drain can be added to the macerating tank, further easing the installation of a full or 1/2 bath.

How is sewage dangerous?

Sewage is dirty and not clean. Sewage is full of dirty water, people's "privacy" and much much more. Sewage travels through pipes and it flows to a certain place. That certain place that your going to find out yourself cleans that water and make s it safe for us to drink. But, sewage is the most dangerous because of all the particles and the dirt and much more things. Its not poisonous but its still dangerous.

Difference between sewage and sewerage?

Sewage: it is the wastage and unwated part of mterial and consist of veg, ,industrial used water, papers etc. Sewarage: it is the system through which sewage is carried from city or particualr area to other region like in sea or river .it includes pipe fitting all over area sewage: The mixture of water and waste products popularly called as sewage. sewarage:It is the art of collecting,treating,finally disposing the sewage.