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When a meter stops working its not the meter that's broken it's the cables and circuits that control power the meter their should be a cable underneath the plastic that protects the meters follow that and replace it and it should be ok.

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Q: How can you fix the odometer on your 98 prizm?
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What does ODO mean next to your odometer on a 2002 Chevy Prizm?

It means odometer.

Firing order for a 98 Chevy Prizm?


How do you fix a PVC valve on a 1997 geo prizm?

You don't fix it, you replace it.

How do you fix odometer in1990 Cougar?

most odometer will need be repair by expert who cal odometer or replace the total meter

Who fixes speedometer's and odometer's?

I need to fix the odometer and speedometer in a 97 ford explorer

How do you fix the odometer on a 2000 infiniti i30?

How much it did odometer infiniti i30 2000

How do you fix 1998 Honda passport odometer?

To fix the 1998 Honda passport odometer, simply take it to a professional mechanic or refer to the service and user manual.

How do you find a blow motor resister on 2000 Chevy Prizm?

I know on my '98 Prizm it is accessible from the inside down low on the passenger side. Not an overwhelming job.

How do you fix speed odometer?

To figure out how to fix it, you need to start by figuring out what exactly is wrong with it.

Your speedometer works but your odometer doesn't does anybody know how to fix it?

If the speedometer works, but the odometer is not working, there could be a fuse blown if the odometer is digital. If the odometer is not digital, then a gear is broken in the speedometer cable. It should be replaced.

How do you fix the fuel door for a 1994 Geo Prizm?

You have to take it apart to determine what is wrong before you can fix anything.

How do you fix trip counter on Honda CR-V?

You cannot. It is part of the odometer and (in the US) it is unlawful to tamper with the odometer unit.

How do you fix odometer on a Ford Explorer XL?

get a black rapist to do it

How can you manually open the glove compartment for your 98 Chevy Prizm it is stuck and won't open?


How to fix the odometer on a 1998 Infiniti QX4?

Replace the instrument cluster and have someone set the odometer correctly or you could face jail time.

How do you fix the odometer on EB II Falcon?

the odometer does not work any more, as a result of pressing the trip meter while the car was moving.

Do you know of a recall regarding an ERROR message showing in the odometer area of our 1997 Chevrolet Malibu or a fix for the problem?

There have been problems with the odometer displaying an error but no recalls for it. The instrument panel has to be repaired or replaced to fix the problem.

98 sonoma 4x4 no odometer or shift indicator lighting up?

check the fuse

98 Dodge Intrepid has no bus in odometer and no gauges?

Possible Body Control Module internal failure..

2001 Olds Intrigue - How can I fix the odometer and radio display that no longer work?

The best way to fix a radio and odometer display that doesn't work is to check the fuses. When you replace the bad fuse then the lights should work in your dash.

How do you fix mileage gauge on a 1992 Saturn?

You can not fix the odometer on the early Saturns. You must replace the whole instrument panel.

System too lean bank 1 that is what the code read on a 2000 Chevy Prizm what can you do to fix problem?

pull the intake and fix the secondary runners

Where is the vehicle speed sensor located in a 98' Nissan Frontier?

|Pin6 behind painel with odometer

How do you fix a odometer on a 1994 Oldsmobile 98 regency that Speedometer works trip odometer stopped working last year and now the odometer no longer works?

These are usually sealed units and for the most part are not repairable. You might get another one from a junk yard ... or try searching the internet. The other possibility is that the physical cable that drives a mechanical speedo could be broken. Some of these are driven off the transmission, others are driven off one of the front wheels.

How do you fix a trip odometer on a 96 Corolla?

To give an accrurate answer....what's wrong with it?